Video collaboration

Video conferencing anywhere

Take the meeting with you

Video conferencing lets you meet with colleagues, partners and customers, regardless of where they are or what device they are using. It is a powerful tool for collaboration that gives your organisation a faster, more effective and unified way of doing business.

Responding to new trends

Analysts say that 40% of workers that were typically desk based are now away from their desk for at least a fifth of the time. Mobile video is now the fastest growing mobile application and is expected to account for two thirds of all data consumption in 2015. It is important that we plan and take advantage of this by enabling our users to make best use of video to collaborate internally, and with our customers and suppliers. To do this should be easy without all the complexity of the old room based video conferencing systems that we may be familiar with.

NT recommends a range of video conferencing solutions that includes the most comprehensive and scalable products in the market today that have been developed based on years of experience designing IP based conferencing solutions from the ground up.

Collaborate moreCollaborate more

Today's way of doing business means we are more scattered than ever. Our employees may be home working, on the road, in different branch offices or travelling; and our suppliers may be located in any part of the country. As we branch out further, entering new markets to compete, our customers could be located in any part of the globe. Video conferencing gives you an inexpensive, easy and convenient way for every member of your organisation to meet and talk face-to-face more frequently with suppliers, customers and each other. Face-to-face communication is immensely powerful - participants are more likely to stay alert and focused on what is being discussed, and consequently projects are completed faster, productivity increases, and participants feel more in synch with each other and with the message you want to convey.

Save time

A two hour flight to some European destination is never just a two hour flight: there's the time taken to book the trip, the drive to the airport, check in and waiting around, the flight time itself, baggage reclaim, the taxi commute to the hotel - and that's before you've even started your meeting. With video conferencing, you just turn your system on and connect, saving you and your team hours of valuable time and providing a convenient solution for all involved.

Save travel costs

The annual UK spend on business travel is around £24 billion, according to the Institute of Travel & Meetings - and this doesn't factor in employee time, including all the 'sundry' time aside from the meeting itself. Nor does it factor in expenses such as hotel costs, petrol and taxis, food and entertainment. Video conferencing allows you to keep in touch and enjoy all the benefits of face-to-face communication without the associated expense.

Work with anyone, from anywhere

Video conferencing connects your organisation to other businesses, branches and people - worldwide. Connect your international offices together at the touch of a button. Recruit from anywhere around the world, or expand your supplier base to get the best possible prices without the worry of dealing with a faceless entity on the other side of the planet.

Protect the environment

Because video conferencing allows staff, employees and contacts to collaborate with less need for travel, this allows your company to reduce its carbon footprint by reducing the association pollution that would have otherwise resulted from arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Stay connected, whatever life throws at you

There are many situations where key employees find themselves unable to come into the office and this can inhibit and delay important meetings. Bad weather, a car breakdown, personal issues such as an ill partner, child or childminder - these are all an unavoidable part of daily life. With video conferencing, you can stay in touch wherever you are from any device, ensuring business as usual whatever life throws your way.

Video conferencing on devices


Engagement Now you can join any meeting easily from your desktop or mobile device. Now there's always the option of having a face-to-face meeting. With our choice of smart solutions, you can:

Enable anyone - inside or outside your organisation - to join your virtual meeting room with freely distributed desktop and mobile apps. Using any device, from any location, moderate or participate in a meeting, share content, discuss, and make decisions.

Support the 'Bring Your Own Device movement' - with the ultimate standards-based, enterprise-grade mobile HD video conferencing applications.


Our video collaboration technology enables to you build business relationships and accelerate your productivity.

You can:

  • Join a virtual meeting room and collaborate face-to-face with your staff, partners and customers from anywhere.
  • Easily connect with any telepresence or video room system.
  • Join a video conference with a PC, Mac, or the latest mobile device and interact as easily and productively as if you are all in the same meeting room.

Everyone on a meeting invite can attend no matter their location or what device they use. They are able to share documents, annotate materials and collaborate in online meetings made for a mobile workforce. Our video collaboration solutions make it simple and convenient to connect.

Video collaboration

Our portfolio delivers advanced HD video, voice and data collaboration on premise or in the cloud:

  • Endpoints for board rooms, conference rooms, desktop, personal and mobile video collaboration.
  • Network infrastructure for multi-party conferencing, network connectivity and firewall traversal.
  • Management software for scheduling, directory services, device and bandwidth monitoring and control.

Rich User Experience

Conduct meetings with award-winning full-featured video collaboration. With control, moderation, and administration capabilities, your team has fully interoperable personal video collaboration anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Simplicity Fuels Usage

Connect with customers and colleagues with a single click. The intuitive apps are easy to install and use, so people can start collaborating immediately.

Affordability - What Everyone Needs

Skip complex licensing fees or installation hurdles when you use a freely distributed client. Achieve a low total cost of ownership and a significant return on investment. Let us help you run the numbers.

Find out more:

Avaya's Scopia system is one of our recommended solutions and you can read more about its capabilities below. Get in touch with NT's team on 01623 687750 or email to discuss your exact needs and requirements.

Scopia: an easy-to-use system for your enterprise

Scopia video conferencing

The Scopia XT Video Conferencing systems incorporate the latest video communications technology including dual 1080p/60fps video channels, H.264 High Profile for bandwidth efficiency, H.264 Scalable Video Coding for error resiliency, and Apple iPad device control.

The Scopia XT4200 Room System is specifically designed for the needs of smaller and midsize company conference rooms, and the Scopia XT5000 Room System offers dual 1080p/60fps for larger applications.

Powerful Technology

Avaya provides two full HD 1080p/60fps video channels, H.264 High Profile for bandwidth efficiency, H.264 SVC for error resiliency, and an embedded nine-way multi-party MCU.

Cost Effectiveness

Avaya offers an outstanding price-performance ratio for their complete range of systems - all full-featured, HD video collaboration, and providing low total cost of ownership and significant return on investment..

Simple Solutions

The easy, intuitive user interface gets people joining video calls, controlling the calls, and using collaboration features quickly.

Watch the Scopia video:

Scopia meeting centre: all in one video conferencing

The Scopia XT Meeting Center is a premium high definition video conferencing room system integrating single or dual 55-inch 1080p displays in a specially designed cart for a simple and efficient implementation. The mobility of the cart enables the system to be used as a shared resource and creates a high-quality video meeting space with no installation requirements. The XT Meeting Center is powered by the Avaya Scopia XT5000 Room System with HD video, content sharing and audio capabilities, and optional embedded multi-party conferencing.

Group video conferencingGroup Video Conferencing

Group video conferencing is available on a range of dedicated room systems for different room and group sizes. Endpoints leverage the latest video technologies such as H.264 High Profile and SVC, delivering rich, HD video interaction. The Scopia XT5000 Room System technology supports multi-party calling and conferencing. The Scopia® XT4200 Room System is designed for small and midsize conference rooms.

Integrated video conferencingIntegrated Desktop Video Conferencing and PC Display

The Scopia XT Executive's 24-inch full HD LED display, HD camera, high fidelity speakers, echo-cancelling microphone and advanced video conferencing platform provide an elegant all-in-one desktop video conferencing system and PC display. The system also offers optional embedded multi-party conferencing for impromptu group meetings, unique HD 1080p for highly detailed content sharing, and available simultaneous 1080p video channels.

System controlSystem Control

Scopia Control is an Apple iPad application for control of Avaya's video conferencing systems. The intuitive user interface virtually eliminates the learning curve for managing a video conferencing system. The integrated conference room calendar and enterprise directory makes it easy to join meetings and invite others. Room system control and meeting moderation are simple through the iPad Multi-Touch user interface.

Scopia desktop

Scopia desktopScopia Desktop easily extends room system video conferencing to desktop users for voice, video and data collaboration. Scopia Desktop is a simple web browser plug-in that is centrally managed, distributed and deployed without complex licensing fees or installation issues. Automatic firewall traversal helps ensure users can participate regardless of where they are while being secure, intuitive and convenient. All you need is an Internet connection and a PC or a Mac. Scopia Desktop provides the latest video collaboration technology including H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) for error resiliency along with H.264 High Profile for bandwidth efficiency and reduced network costs.

HD Video Conferencing

Bring the video room system experience with you to whatever PC or Mac you use. Participate in standards-based HD video conferences and see up to 28 participants simultaneously. Through the Avaya Scopia video infrastructure, Scopia Desktop can connect to telepresence systems, standards-based HD video conferencing room and desktop systems along with unified communications applications for unmatched interoperability.

Smart Data Collaboration

Share your screen or individual applications for security and privacy. Highlight elements of presentations, spreadsheets, documents and images using full annotation tools. Standards-based, content sharing helps ensure collaboration interoperability with any desktop, video room system, or mobile device. Review previously shared materials instantly without disrupting the meeting flow or record everything for a permanent record. Simultaneous HD video and content helps ensure users are fully engaged.

Control, Moderate and Administer Meetings

Start or stop recording or streaming, lock a conference or end the meeting. View the participants list and mute noisy users, stop cameras or simply disconnect unwanted participants. Change video layouts including rearranging participants through the simple Multi-Touch enabled interface. View statistics such as codecs in use, resolution, network speed and packet loss for troubleshooting.

Embedded Firewall and NAT Traversal

Enjoy connectivity through enterprise boundaries, all the time maintaining corporate security measures with automatic, embedded firewall and NAT traversal.

No Complicated Licensing

Simply click on a link, install the browser plug-in and connect - all without complex licensing fees or installation issues. The concurrent licensing model makes video collaboration easy for employees, partners, suppliers, students, customers and even casual users.

Scopia desktop

Scopia mobile

Scopia mobileBYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming more and more prevalent in the business world, and Scopia Mobile is the ultimate enterprise-grade mobile video application. Scopia Mobile enables HD video conferencing and data collaboration with the nearly two million installed standards-based video conferencing and telepresence systems worldwide.

Scopia Mobile includes the latest video collaboration technology including H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) for error resiliency along with H.264 High Profile for bandwidth efficiency and reduced network costs. Additionally, when viewing content, participants can review previously shared materials without interrupting the presenter through Avaya's innovative data collaboration features.

Scopia XT Executive 240

XT executiveThe Avaya Scopia XT Executive 240 integrates the advanced Scopia XT video conferencing platform with a high resolution 24-inch LED display. The Scopia XT Executive has a 24" full HD LED display, HD camera, high fidelity speakers, echo cancelling microphone and advanced video conferencing platform that provides an elegant all-in-one desktop video conferencing system and PC display.

The system also offers optional embedded multi-party conferencing for impromptu group meetings, unique HD 1080p for highly detailed content sharing and available simultaneous 1080p video for an outstanding experience. H.264 High Profile and H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) deliver bandwidth efficient, high performance video collaboration over real world networks.

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