Ultrafast broadband – do we need it?

Ultrafast broadbandWith Vodafone’s Ultrafast 4g broadband on the horizon for businesses across the UK, we look at what extra speed really means for your business and how it could revolutionise the way you work.

Vodafone just announced its Ultrafast 4g for business would be available in London from the 29th of August this year, with another 12 cities benefiting from the same before the end of 2013: Newcastle, Nottingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and Sheffield.  So should businesses be falling over themselves to get on board? What are the real benefits?

Cloud vision

By keeping your applications in the cloud, there’s less investment in expensive servers and software.  You can use as much or as little of the cloud as you need, helping your business to control cost.   But your internet speed makes a big difference to how good your cloud experience is.

Expert Kent Roberts notes:

It can be extremely time-consuming to transfer a large amount of data into or out of a cloud environment.  It’s also possible that latency [the amount of time it takes for your computer to interact with the servers in the cloud] could be a major issue with cloud computing.

Kent Roberts

Ultrafast broadband means you can access and use your apps in the cloud faster than ever before.  With lightening fast broadband speeds, suddenly cloud computing seems a lot more attractive. And you can use more applications at the same time, without slowing down.


While it’s pretty rare that we find a business that can’t benefit from a VOIP solution, some businesses are reluctant to deploy VOIP because they are concerned that the performance won’t be as good as a traditional solution.  On some connection speeds, that can be true.  With ultrafast broadband, this concern is completely redundant and companies who haven’t already made the switch can do so.

VoIP telephone systems operate on your company’s data network, allowing for converged solutions that integrate your voice services with your data network. The beauty of VOIP systems is unified communications delivering an enhanced customer and employee experience, while driving down your costs dramatically.

Smart working

Ultrafast broadband supports smarter working.  It’s easy to share data – you can send much larger files via email without having to divide them up.  We’re not just talking big files – we’re talking HUGE files – even HD videos take only minutes to download.  And as your business grows, more people can share the same connection without losing speed.

Ultrafast broadband also supports homeworkers and your employees that are on-the-go.  Remote workers can use the same files as their in-office colleagues, as if they are sat next to each other. With a VOIP solution implemented, they can take advantage of the same telephone system functionality as their in-office colleagues too.  This improved connectivity means you can consider flexible working arrangements and save on office space.  You can also help attract the best people to work for your business, regardless of their location.

Keeping people connected – wherever they are

A faster connection makes sharing ideas and information easy.  You can have more meetings while reducing the need for physical meetings – meaning you talk more, but save on travel costs and planning.  There’s also smoother, faster streaming of media which means a seamless connection for video conferencing.

The verdict?

A faster connection means your business will be better connected, and opens the door to a world of technology to help you work better, smarter and cheaper.

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