So Long GT

 Gary’s 20 year Journey with NT sadly comes to an end this week

We are sorry to be losing one of our longest serving staff members at the end of this week. NT Voice & Data would like to thank Gary Towle for his 20 years of service in his Account Manager role. Gary has been a valuable member of the team here at NT since January 1999 and we will miss his company and the fun he brings to the office. We all wish him all the best with his future plans.

Gary says;

“I was asked recently, what is the key to being a successful salesperson? The answer is simply down to getting on with people, making a friend of them and showing an interest in them. Obviously product knowledge is important and you need to represent your company well but the good old fashioned interaction with fellow humans is the key. A director at one of my larger accounts  said to me last week ‘it’s you that I buy from not the company’. The world is changing and so is the way we communicate and who knows what the next invention will be , one thing is for sure Social Media and all forms of interaction via a screen and an Internet connection will never equal face to face communication. Sadly sales is going that way now so let’s hope, those of us in the Gen X bracket can keep it going a bit longer – GT”

Other comments amongst staff include;

“All I want to say is that he’ll be very much missed, not only for his humour but especially his kindness”

“Gary is wonderful, he always helps me out at a moment’s notice with any queries, no matter how small. He is very kind too, even giving me lifts when my car broke down (on multiple occasions) Thank you GT!”

We all want to wish him the best as he moves to pastures new and fulfils his long time ambition.

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