7 ways that smart telephone systems can help your business

Real time collaborationToday’s smart telephone systems offer such impressive functionality that they truly can pay for themselves in cost savings, increased efficiency and improved customer experience.  This article looks at 7 ways in which your phone system can bring these benefits to your business.

1. Enable real time collaboration, without boundaries

A good telephone system will enable your staff to remain productive and accessible when they are away from their desks, even away from the office.  Your staff can stay in touch and hold video chats with both customers and colleagues either from their desks or while on the move. They are able to keep business and operations running smoothly through use of instant messenger, conferencing, full call control, and many more modes of communication, all on their devices of choice.  Further, you can keep full tabs on your staff through Presence technology, allowing you to see their availability, the best way to contact them and even if they are using their keyboard!

2. Improve customer experience and responsiveness

Your telephone system should enable your customers to quickly reach the right employee, wherever they are.  Through integration with popular desktop applications (e.g. Microsoft Lync, Outlook and Salesforce), mobility applications and multi-layered automated attendants, you can speed interactions, increasing your business efficiency and providing a vastly improved personalised service to your valuable customers.

3. Keep up with growth

Your telephone system is a major investment and every business owner’s nightmare is the idea that it may become redundant in a few short years, either through technology or because the system cannot keep up with your company’s growth.  Solutions like the IP Office take care of every such detail, providing a cost-effective, flexible and highly expandable solution for growing businesses. When you need more capacity, you can simply upgrade your software or add new hardware, keeping your initial investment intact.  The system supports 5-1,000 users per site and up to 32 sites can be networked, providing a truly future-proof infrastructure for your organisation.

Growing office

4. Get great value for your investment

Many phone systems on the market have some fancy optional extras – take these away and it can be difficult to stomach the price tag for basic telephony functionality.  But some smart systems have built-in features that cut your costs and offer an improved experience as part of your initial outlay.  Examples of powerful features that may be included in the price tag are a secure 128-party conference bridge, voice mail, call recording, automated attendants, integration with desktop applications and employee devices (such as smart phones and tablets), voice mail, voice-mail-to-email integration, and video conferencing options. Of course, it’s worth considering affordable optional extras too, such as advanced unified communications capabilities allowing presence status, instant messaging, mobile call control, conferencing, and more allow your system to support exactly how your business works.

5. Lower your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

When splashing out on a new system, you’ll want to consider ways to save money on your initial investment, as well as running costs.  There are three things to consider to reduce your TCO:

  1. Can you make use of existing equipment? Some systems are highly compatible with existing digital and analog equipment, meaning you can take advantage of their powerful features without having to throw away everything you’ve bought in the past. There are sometimes specific upgrade savings too – for example, if you  have a Merlin, Partner ACS, Business Communication Manager or Norstar system, you could save up to 60% of your original investment.
  2. Can you buy a system with features included that mean you can get rid of other systems and services that you pay for? For example, a built-in 128-party conference bridge means you can ditch paying a monthly fee for conferencing, and call recording is another feature businesses often pay extra for which is included for systems like the IP Office.
  3. Can you save money on running costs? Systems such as the IP Office offer highly energy-efficient desk phones and energy efficient equipment, reducing ongoing running costs and making your business more environmentally friendly.  Adding new equipment is easy, reducing support costs, and the simple system means training needs are minimal.

Woman on phone

6. Rely on resiliency

Even the smartest equipment fails sometimes – what if one of your offices experienced a power failure, or none of your staff can get to the office because of bad weather?

A smart telephone system allows you to take advantage of intelligent failover between sites or, if you have only a single location, it’s easy to add a redundant server. Systems like Avaya’s IP Office deliver a mean time between failures of 68 years, without the need for internal fans or hard drives.  The flexibility of the system also allows you to prepare for bad weather, giving remote staff full telephone system functionality whether they are at their desks or sat at home snowed in.

7. Simplify system management

Multiple offices require multiple phone systems and that means more managers and more support staff, with travel expenses between offices too.  Right? Not so.  A smart phone system will allow you to manage multiple sites from a single interface. Using drag-and-drop system management tools you can give users the communications features they need with applications designed for mobile, office, and teleworker employees.  Updates are done from a single location, reducing the number of support staff needed and eliminating travel.  You can also share staff – for example, having a single reception team covering multiple locations.

Talk to NT about how choosing a smart telephone system such as the IP Office or Mitel 5000 can make a huge difference to the way your business works.  Call us on 01623 687750, or drop us an email: sales@nottel.co.uk.