Research shows schools overspend on telecoms by 43% on average

Group of studentsWith school budget cuts continuing to be a hot topic in the news, it may come as a surprise to learn that schools are significantly overspending on their telecoms technology.

A recent study which examined 118 primary and secondary schools has shown that on average, schools have been paying out 43% more than they should for their communications which included their telephone system, telephone calls, mobile phones and internet connection. Every single school that took part in the study was found to be paying more than they needed to, with some of the schools who took part spending as much as 77% over what was needed.

One London school that took part in the research, the Douay Martyrs School, was advised that they could save 71% on their mobile bills and an overall 40% on their communications over a period of twelve months. These huge savings amount to thousands of pounds a year that could be reinvested into other areas of the school’s curriculum.

But the study suggests that it is not schools to blame for the lack of diligence in identifying potential cost savings. Three issues were identified which contributed to the huge overspending: lack of time to manage contracts and look for better deals, lack of understanding of recent technological innovations, and being encouraged to use ‘approved suppliers’ which did not offer the best deals. Generally bursars and schools managers were so busy trying to balance teaching and running costs, they had not found the time to look into finding new PSN-approved suppliers to enable them to increase their efficiency and reduce their costs.

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