Could a telecoms restructure be right for your business?

Work at homeIn today’s challenging marketplace, successful businesses need to find new ways of working to survive.  Some businesses are finding success in a restructure, utilising affordable modern technology to change the way their businesses operate.  Find out how you could make some small – or drastic – changes to your operation, to significantly drive down your costs – not just of communications, but of premises and staff too.

Facilitating homeworkers

Research has shown that homeworkers tend to be more productive, cheaper than keeping a team in-house – and overall happier. But we’re not talking stay-at-home-mums here – we’re talking allowing your staff to work from home some or all of the week.

There are massive benefits of homeworking to both you and your employees:

  • For your business, you can hire talent regardless of location.
  • There’s no need for more office space or facilities for new employees as your business expands.
  • There are no travel issues or problems with poor weather.
  • If employees have mild illnesses, such as a cold, there’s no issue with them coming into the office and spreading it around; and on the flip side, research shows homeworkers are less likely to be sick.
  • You can increase your business hours by employing workers to operate remotely in different time zones (alternatively you’ll often find your regular workers are happier to do early or late shifts from the comfort of their home).
  • You can monitor their performance without having to be in the same room: record, archive and replay calls, enabling you to customise training for individuals’ needs.
  • Another less obvious benefit is the noise – in a busy customer service room, it can be difficult to concentrate with many people on the phone.  This is greatly reduced by allowing some or all of the team to work from home.

And the list of benefits goes on – and you can read more about these benefits on our dedicated homeworkers page.

But if your business has never allowed its staff to work at home in the past, understandably you might think it would be a bit of a nightmare.

  • How do you know they are working?
  • How do you know when they are available?
  • And how on earth can you route calls to them as if they were sat in the office?

In fact, none of these are real concerns with a smart telephone system. ‘Presence’ technology allows to you monitor details such as whether your staff are using a particular device – such as their laptop or telephone. So not only do you know they are working, but you also know their availability. A telephone system like the Avaya IP Office 500 allows you to route calls to your team’s devices as if they were sat in the next room. So open your mind to a huge shift in the way your business operates – allowing some or all of your team to work from home could help you make huge savings on operational costs.

Telephone system supporting receptionist

Merging receptions

Another area you can make drastic changes to bring down your costs is in your reception. A powerful feature of some modern telephone systems such as the Avaya IP Office is that they allow reception staff to be better shared over a number of sites. A single receptionist or team can handle calls for multiple sites, with numbers to suit. This keeps the number of staff required down, allows easier planning of shifts and breaks, creates an efficient and professional ‘front’ for your multi-site business and most-importantly, keeps your costs down.

Of course, for many sites, it will still be necessary to have at least one receptionist at hand to greet callers-in-person. But where these tend to be simply deliveries, an office junior rather than an experienced receptionist may be employed to handle such basic administrative tasks, costing significantly less.

The ability to manage all your sites from a single location also means you can save time and further reduce the number of staff needed. Your receptionists could be trained to carry out this task from their main base – no need to have staff on other sites trained up, and no need for travel between sites.

Smart working – less passing on messages

When you’re away from your desk, someone has to answer the phone. You can’t be on the end of the phone while you’re in that important meeting, or driving on the road.  Right?

Think again.  With today’s modern systems, there’s no need for all this message taking, or for your calls to ring out.

Avaya’s smart technology helps track when you’re available, and allows the system to find you on any number of devices with only a single number. Think back to all the times you, or your team, could take that call to help your business run a little bit better and reduce the amount of admin staff needed to pick up in your absence. Perhaps you’re sitting having lunch, or in between meetings – popped home for a coffee or waiting in a queue.  With this technology, you reduce admin and both you and your customers have a better, more efficient experience.

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