Are you ready for a disaster?

Continuation of business in event of floodWith severe weather warnings for the whole of winter, are your company’s voice and data systems adequately predicted in the event that your premises are affected? NT take a look at two areas in which you should be making plans to ensure that if the worst happens, your business can continue to serve its customers and take care of its employees.

Severe weather ahead

With the Met Office issuing warnings of severe weather across South West and North West England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, we can expect a chaotic winter that will cause havoc until at least the end of January and likely beyond. Heavy rain and winds are predicted for the immediate future, with the Environment Agency already issuing 22 flood warnings across the UK for tomorrow and 41 for Friday. Snow is predicted towards the middle of February during a cold spell, but this will quickly turn back to wind and rain. Despite the dire outlook, millions of businesses across the UK have done little or nothing to ensure continuity of business and urgently need to take steps to ensure that everything carries on as normal regardless of the likely devastating impact of the weather. In particular, it is essential that resilient data, telephony and physical IT solutions are protected so that your business can function as normal.

Home working options

With flooding and snow, it can be impossible to get into the office, due to bad roads and public transport grinding to a halt. Even when the roads are open, it is also a concern to let your key personnel travel in icy conditions when accidents are so prevalent. Sometimes the best option when the bad weather sets in is to allow your staff to work from home or some other location that is more convenient to them. Advanced telephony solutions enable your entire workforce to utilise the best features of your telecoms infrastructure using mobile devices without being physically present in the office. In addition, secure VPN allows your staff to access even your confidential data through your network whilst maintaining full integrity and complete security.

Replication and backup

A major concern in bad weather is power outages and flooding, causing business systems to crash and essential data to be lost. Whether your office is flooded and your physical systems are affected, you lose power suddenly or without warning, it is very easy for the bad weather to bring your business systems grinding to a halt.  With careful planning, it is possible to ensure that your mission-critical data remains protected against most potential threats and remains easily accessible at all times regardless of what the British weather throws your way. Further, you can ensure that the functionality of your systems’ functionality and secure access to data is possible from a back-up location, should your building be rendered unusable.

Planning and consultancy services

Above we have highlighted just two examples of ways in which you can protect your business in the event of bad weather and ensure your team can carry on as normal. NT’s team have extensive knowledge and experience of disaster planning and can help you create the best possible continuation of business plan covering your voice and data systems. Get in touch on 01623 687750 or email our sales team to book your business continuity consultation.