We welcome new members to our team!

NT Voice and Data is glad to introduce you to its new starters who are eager to give their impressions about how they’ve been doing in the company so far:



I am currently doing a placement in NT Voice and Data Solutions until the beginning of July 20Profile picture16 and am working as part of the telesales team. As a French student I can sometimes struggle with grasping everything in English but I still understand most of it. I see this work experience as an opportunity for me to improve my English and get used to the work environment, as I get to know the staff and call potential customers in a language that is obviously not my mother tongue!

I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the company and how everyone is eager to help me with anything (from sorting the computer out to serving me a cup of tea!).

When I’m not at work, I enjoy singing, listening to pop/folk music and writing poetry (in French of course!) during my free time.


“I am an apprentice field engineer at NT, I have been here since October and am loving it. Everybody here is really kind and easy to get along with.

The technology is really fresh and very varied which makes work really interesting, day in day out. I very much enjoy being out on the road, meeting customers and installing equipment that will improve their business drastically.

I look forward to a promising future with NT.”


“My position at NT Voice and Data is Apprentice Service Co-ordinator. I have gained a wide range of knowledge from my time here and I’m very much looking forward to finishing my Apprenticeship.

My weekends are currently spent taking driving lessons and I’m very eager to pass my test soon!”


“I joined the sales team on 29th February and whilst I won’t have a 1 year anniversary for 4 years I’m sure it will only feel like months when that time does comes around.

I enjoy meeting new people, understanding people’s roles and businesses and how we as local, friendly business can help and assist our customers meet their business goals.

Outside NT Voice & Data I enjoy spending time with the family, trips to the cinema, meals out or trying to impress my partner with general knowledge over a pub quiz!”