NT Voice and Data now an Avaya iConnect partner

iconnectlogoNT Voice and Data is proud to announce that it is now an Avaya iConnect partner. iConnect is a programme that has been offered to a small number of select Avaya partners and signifies an increased level of support and training from Avaya in specific areas for NT’s team, including additional technical training and solution knowledge that builds on the Company’s extensive experience and expertise. Customers dealing with Avaya iConnect partners can expect the usual high standards of care and knowledge that are required of any Avaya partner, and in addition, an expanded knowledge of provided sophisticated technologies at competitive price points, particularly in healthcare, education, manufacturing and professional services.

NT was founded in 1986 and has established itself as a leading UK company in the telecoms sector, providing innovative solutions to thousands of businesses and organisations across the Country. It won the Browne Jacobson backed Business Innovation Award for its ground-breaking use of technology at Nottingham’s University Hospital (QMC) and it has served some of the biggest companies across the UK. NT specialises in solutions for schools and healthcare.