Mitel MiVoice: the choice for SMEs in 2014

Mitel MiVoiceA telephone system is always a major investment for a company and one of the biggest concerns is that they might spend their cash on equipment only to find out they have invested in quickly abandoned technology. This is less of a concern with Mitel. The recent release of Mitel’s UK ‘MiVoice Office’ update, replacing the Mitel 5000, has been unsurprisingly well received and Mitel is determined to keep MiVoice at the front of the SME telecoms market: 2014 is set to be a year of innovation with many exciting developments enhancing the functionality of the MiVoice planned.

MiVoice is an excellent choice of telephone system for small and medium-sized businesses – indeed, the MiVoice update was specifically targeted at SMEs, an interesting move given that many of its close competitors have lost interest in this market in favour of developing for the corporate giants. MiVoice is priced competitively, at as much as 15% less than some of its close competition but with twice the features. Among its features and benefits, the new release saw integration with a 4 channel DECT base station which wasn’t played on much from a marketing perspective, but is a great feature for companies that support manufacturing plants and warehouses. As it is fully integrated, users enjoy the full range of Mitel features and the DECT base station allows any wireless phones in use to gain signal across the premises.

The Mitel MiVoice system includes some essential features as standard that allow your company to work more efficiently and effectively: for example, Automatic Call Distribution, Hot Desking, Meet-Me Conferencing, Unified Messaging, and Teleworking. In addition, the system employs powerful mobility features that enable to you consider new ways of working. The MiVoice supports both a remote workforce (for example, homeworkers) and mobile workers excellently, enabling your team to provide the best in customer service wherever they are in the world. Whether your workers are on the road, snowed in from home or away on business, they can utilise the full features of your MiVoice telephone system from their mobile device. This makes the MiVoice one of the most effective telephone systems on the market and certainly the one of the best value for money.