The marketing power of free WiFi – hair and beauty salons

beauty A growing number of beauty and salon businesses across the UK are introducing free, fast and secure Wi-Fi for their guests. It not only gives your customers some entertainment whist they are waiting and being provided with your service, but has a tonne of other advantages too.

One great advantage to offering Wi-Fi to guests is that you can collect customer insights and statistics, allowing you as a business owner to make the best decisions to help your business be more successful. Having useful insights into what your customers think and how your location performs gives you the tools to get in touch with visitors on a personal level, making their customer experience better.

In today’s digital world, why let your free Wi-Fi only benefit your customers? There are many great ways to use your So WiFi as a marketing hub to help you connect with your customers.

Grow your database

One example of making your free Wi-Fi work for your salon is filling more of your bookings by building an email marketing database for your existing client base. This can be achieved by simply requiring your customers to enter their email address to connect to the Wi-Fi. You can create a larger contact list and get your customers coming back, by offering promotions and deals through email. And to make things even easier, when you create a customer list the emails can be sent out automatically to all of your customers.

Increase your followers

Everyone has social media and an excellent way of getting your social media pages booming is to get your customers to leave a Facebook or twitter follow before they can sign into your Wi-Fi. This will grow your follower count and give you a solid reputation on your social media accounts. You can also offer deals to customers who share your business on their page. Another great advantage of tapping into the power of social is that you will find out so much more about your clients, so you can use this information to help promote more relevant services and offers to your target market.

Get in touch

Most people will use a phone or tablet to access emails and browse social media while visiting your salon, so use this to your advantage whilst they are using your Wi-Fi. At NT we will help you make the most of your Wi-Fi so you can grow your business and bring more customers in every day. When you provide Wi-Fi to your customers you can start pushing loyalty and referral incentives which will be a huge benefit to your business but will also generate repeat business from your customers.

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