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Since 1986, we have been helping businesses to improve their communications, cut their costs, increase efficiency and deliver substantially better service to their own customers.

We have helped thousands of businesses like yours to identify the most efficient and cost effective set up for their business communications, including their telecoms, internet and mobile.

Call us on 01623 687750 or email us and arrange a completely free communications review with one of our communications experts, with absolutely no obligation.


  • Could you introduce home working to improve employee satisfaction?
  • How could the Cloud transform the way your business communications work?
  • Could you substantially increase staff efficiency and therefore productivity?
  • Could you grow your marketing database using free WiFi?
  • Is your business being overcharged for its telecoms?
  • Could you dramatically improve your customer service?
  • Would you get a better deal with our mobile plans?
  • Could VOIP slash your communications costs?
  • Could your business grow nationally or internationally using video?
  • Could you improve your internet speed?

How it works

We analyse your current telecom set up and identify where we can save you money on your existing communication costs. We pinpoint areas where an alternative solution could help your business run more effectively.

A free review is a great opportunity to ask your expert questions about new technology. You might have been wondering about the pros and cons of VOIP, or whether mobile video is actually any good. Perhaps you’ve been wondering how you can help your in-house team work better with your on-the-road sales team, or you’ve considered employing homeworkers but don’t know how you can monitor them.

We are here to answer your questions and propose practical solutions to cut your costs and help your business grow.

What we do

Gather data

We gather together your key data through floor mapping, system analytics and discussions with users. This information allows us to conduct a thorough assessment of your current infrastructure.

Floor plan

Identity inefficiencies

Using your data we’ll identify any inefficiencies or vulnerabilities in your current system and network and show you key areas for making improvements and saving money.

Identifying problems

Make suggestions

We’ll show you how today’s technology could transform your business – increasing efficiency, cutting costs and helping you to grow.

Finding solutions

Case study : All Answers

Nottingham-based All Answers operate a busy contact centre that deals with clients worldwide, so their monthly call spend was a significant cost to their business. NT carried out some analysis of the call profile and was able to demonstrate that the cost to upgrade their current Avaya system to handle VOIP and move away from traditional ISDN30 would show a ROI within 2 months. All Answers went ahead with the upgrade and saw a 70% saving on their monthly spend which made a huge impact on their profitability. The cost of the upgrade easily paid for itself in less than the two months promised.

“We’re really happy with the upgrade – in fact now it has been done we are seeing a 70% saving on our monthly call spend which is even better than expected”.

~ Tony Eynon, CEO, All Answers Ltd