Coast to Coast charity event

On the 8th and 9th of September Mark and Ross (two of our Directors at NT) successfully completed an extremely challenging Coast to Coast Rat Race event across the Scottish Highlands. This was to raise money for the Children with Cancer UK, and with everyone’s donations, we managed to raise an amazing £8,000!

The route of this two-day race took the competitors to some of the most fascinating places in Scotland from Cawdor and Loch Ness to Glen Nevis, Glen Coe and many more. Our team had to run, bike and kayak through these amazing places in all sorts of weather conditions and over varied terrain. No doubt the views were stunning nonetheless!

The distance, weather conditions and rough terrain were only half the story – some of the team managed to lose luggage, had mechanical failures on their bikes, were sick, capsized a kayak and after all of that, Mark even managed to fracture a bone in his hand following a bike crash. Regardless, they both completed the 105-mile race and were very happy to get a warming cup of soup at the end.

About the cause

Children with Cancer UK currently funds more than 50 research projects to study the extensive range of childhood cancers. The more they understand these diseases, the more they can try and find less toxic and more efficient ways of treating them. The Charity aims to improve survival rates but also find effective therapies that don’t have as many toxic side-effects.

Not only does the Charity conduct research to help find a cure for cancer but they also help to raise awareness for the different types of diseases.  Part of their funds go to families who have a child with cancer, giving them a chance to share their story with others also. Not only is it scary for the child when they have been diagnosed with cancer but it can also be terrifying for the family too. Treatments can usually be very far from home and often start straight away. Children with Cancer UK benefits young children who are suffering from cancer and helps their families to provide better support and more efficient care. They do this by establishing welfare projects that raise money and awareness.

It is amazing how far cancer research has come so far! The survival rate for children with cancer has risen to 80 percent over the last 50 years. However, cancer is still taking the lives of around 250 children each year in the UK alone. Even the children who do fight cancer and survive may be left with development problems or severe health issues due to the treatments they receive.

Children With Cancer UK’s valuable research aims to increase the survival rate of young children across the UK by developing effective therapies that have less toxic side-effects on children’s bodies.

If you are interested in donating to this amazing cause, please visit this website:

Children with Cancer