Cloud Telephony – The Benefits Across Industries

Digital transformation and Moving to the cloud are phrases thrown around when looking at new telephone systems but it can be difficult to understand how its benefits apply to your industry. By 2020 more than 80% of businesses will be using the cloud in some capacity showing the appeal of this digital tool.

The cost savings of moving to cloud based services are well documented. With cloud and IP based telephony up to 70% cheaper than it’s traditional analogue counterpart it’s clear to see why so many small businesses are opting for digital transformation and cloud adoption. However, cost should not be the only driving factor in migrating away from traditional services. With a host of additional features and improved business efficiency options should also help to drive the decision.

This article shows some of the key highlights of moving to cloud telephony for the industries below:

Hotels & Hospitality 

Easy to Scale – With cloud based telephony it is quick and easy to expand the number of lines and users. Meaning you only pay for what you need and have the flexibility to grow your system along with your business.

Increase Revenue – VOIP calls are sigificantly cheaper (and in many cases free) than analogue and digital lines. Calls to international numbers are also much less, so if you pass these charges on to guests you can make a higher margin on call costs.

Call Reporting – Hospitality businesses can benefit from the host of call reporting features available with cloud telephony such as inbound call statistics on missed, dropped calls and call recording.


Medical centres & GP surgeries 

Call Queuing – Medical centres can greatly benefit from cloud based call queuing by enabling them to control the amount of people allowed to queue, give callers information on hold and their position within the queue

Flexible – Cloud telephony means surgeries no longer need to pay for additional lines for call queuing which they don’t need and can increase the number of lines quickly to ensure outgoing calls are successful.

Call Recording – Recording, storage and call playback can benefit medical practices dealing with emergency cases and for staff training in these situations improving service for patients.



Connect Multiple Sites – Regardless of restaurant size and number of locations they can all be linked within the same cloud solution allowing for easy collaboration and lower costs

WiFi – Guest WiFi can be a powerful tool within restaurants by providing a service for customers it is possible to gain details for targeted marketing and provide incentives like discounts and promotions.

Low Initial Cost – Without costly hardware to buy. systems can be installed in small/ new locations without the need for high capital outlay.


Leisure centres 

Centralised system – With one system in a centralised location multiple locations and centres can be linked together to provide presence across sites and free calls.

Business continuity – Back up internet connectivity and disaster continuity plans can be configured to automatically take effect in the event of a failure keeping sites contactable during outages

Remote support – Support can be provided for cloud services quickly as engineers can get access to systems remotely to help with faults



Mobility – Many construction workers are mobile and unable to answer phones tied to a desk. Cloud telephony enables workers multiple options such as wireless/ wifi phones and mobile apps to allow them to stay connected.

Reduce costs – Construction industries can spend a lot of time on the phone with suppliers and contractors so they drastically lower costs of VOIP solutions can greatly benefit businesses.


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