Cloud-based phone systems: supporting your remote workforce

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Great communication has always been at the heart of any successful business. The challenge of organising a workforce and ensuring they operate productively, especially when they are away from the office, has always been a priority. The better the communication and the more connected your staff, the faster decisions can be made and growth driven forward.

A cloud-based phone system allows your staff to work remotely while still remaining closely connected to your traditional office infrastructure. It enables to reach your workforce wherever they are, connect with clients and improve all aspects of your business, including customer service and employee productivity.

The benefits of cloud-based phone systems

Compared to a traditional phone system and all its limitations, cloud-based provides a stunning array of value added extras:

  • You have a communications system at your fingertips that works on a range of mobile devices and at any location with Wi-Fi.
  • You can develop a flexible workforce based at home, in the office or on the move depending on your business needs.
  • Your mobile workforce has just one number which they are contacted by making communication simple for all staff.
  • Your office staff and other workers are going to spend less time finding and contacting each other because you have a centralised system which is available to everyone.
  • Centralisation also ensures it’s easy to look up numbers or set up calls between individuals and groups whenever you need.
  • Because your workforce is better connected and gets the vital and consistent support they need, they tend to be more motivated.
  • Because they are able to operate more efficiently, they benefit from a healthier work life balance.
  • If a customer needs to talk to an expert employee and they are out of the office, a cloud-based phone system allows you to forward the call immediately rather than making the customer wait.
  • The range of communication you can perform with a client is increased with options such as conference calling, document sharing and video provided as standard, all of which greatly improves the customer experience.
  • There’s no doubt that better communication supports better collaboration. With the range of communication features available through a cloud-based phone system the restrictive borders between your offices, mobile staff and home workers suddenly becomes non-existent.
  • Cloud-based systems help you maintain continuity for your business in the event of an emergency – if your office is the victim of a natural disaster such as a flood, for example, your workforce can still continue operating effectively remotely until the situation is resolved.
  • This kind of system will naturally reduce your operating costs across the board and cut down the time spent getting in touch with the right people when you need them.
  • It can give you the opportunity to diversify your workforce – they don’t need to be contained within one central office anymore and you can opt to include useful specialists that may not even be in the same country.
  • You can add a much wider range of tools in a cloud-based system which all work together to provide a flexible communication and management system.

The good news is that you can organise any cloud-based system to suit your needs and it tends to be much more cost-effective than traditional landline systems. The inbuilt scaleability also means that you can develop your systems as your business grows and easily bring new users on board as and when you need them.

For all small businesses and new startups, cloud-based technology is proving to be one of the most disruptive technologies that they need, not only promoting better collaboration and access to remote working but streamlining communication systems to make operations more profitable and productive.

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