Up to £2m fine for cold callers using withheld numbers

No cold callersFrom 16 May 2016, cold callers hiding behind withheld numbers could be fined over £2m


Direct Marketing companies who are registered in the UK will have the obligation to display their telephone number when making unexpected calls.

Ofcom have announced that their fines will dramatically increase up to £2 million. As for the companies, a further £500,000 fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office will be imposed to them if they continue to bombard customers with unwanted calls.

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BT announces the date they will switch off the ISDN network

SIP Trunks replace ISDN

Gavin Patterson CEO of BT has announced a date for the complete migration of ISDN services to the IP Network, the end of 2025.

What this means

No need to worry, this gives BT at least 10 years to migrate their network. You may however want to start considering what this means for your business in the future and if it is worth migrating to SIP sooner rather than later to make use of its many advantages.

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Ofcom launches multi provider mobile network coverage checker

Choosing a mobile provider…Ofcom Mobile Network Coverage

If you are struggling with poor mobile signal and are considering changing supplier you can take advantage of Ofcom’s new mobile signal checker.

Steve Unger, Ofcom’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “Access to reliable mobile phone coverage used to be a ‘nice to have’. Now it’s essential to many people’s lives.

“We believe our map is the most comprehensive tool available to consumers and businesses to check mobile coverage. We’re encouraging people to feed back after using the map, so we can continue to improve its accuracy.”

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18 questions to consider before you invest in a new phone system

Using phone systemIf you’re considering upgrading your business telephone system and you’ve started looking around for ideas, you’ll quickly find that the range of options available to you is overwhelming. By answering these 18 questions, you should have a much better idea of your needs and your answers will help your chosen supplier to identify the best system for your business.

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Unified communications: the benefits

worker-1Unified communications are about enhancing your ability to communicate with both staff and customers to a high level.  By bringing together all of your devices and modes of communication, you can increase your efficiency and level of customer service while reducing your operating costs. So how does it work? Right now as a business, you probably use a number of different devices and modes of communication to stay connected with your team and your customers.  For example:

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