The rise of MDM in the workplace

The development of technology in recent years has led to mobile devices, like smartphones, becoming an essential part of our working lives. On top of this, homeworking continues to be an area of growth within small businesses and SME’s. Increased reliance on such devices comes with risks; lost/stolen data, breaches to company policy and compliance to name a few. This dependence has seen the development of MDM software to help minimize these risks.

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Is BYOD the right choice for your business?

Mobile technology has undoubtedly changed the way we work in the last decade and making the right choice in how we use it is key for small businesses who are watching costs. The percentage of employees that regularly work from home or out of office has increased dramatically in recent years and fed into the rise in BYOD (bring your own device). But what are the facts about this movement and is it the right choice for your business?

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Cloud-based phone systems: supporting your remote workforce

the cloud

Great communication has always been at the heart of any successful business. The challenge of organising a workforce and ensuring they operate productively, especially when they are away from the office, has always been a priority. The better the communication and the more connected your staff, the faster decisions can be made and growth driven forward.

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