Avaya: connecting the Sochi 2014 winter olympics

Avaya supports Sochi 2014If you were ever unsure over which communications solution to choose for your business, consider that Avaya as the official supplier of network equipment to Sochi 2014 has provided a complete communications infrastructure to the 40,000+ people involved with the games. Their innovative technology connects the 11 competition venues, media and celebration centres, 3 olympic villages, technology operating centres and data centres. The 2014 winter olympics is also providing to be the largest in ‘Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)’ and Avaya’s network solutions are supporting around 120,000 mobile devices at any one time. All accredited media at the event are enjoying free access to the high speed WiFi service and Avaya’s network solution is providing fast, secure connectivity for mobile devices that are based on the user’s log-in credentials.

The technology used at the games has allowed the design and deployment of the Sochi Olympic network to take place within a short period of time, and has in addition helped to deliver a faster resolution to any issues that crop up. The sheer agility of the technology implemented makes it a powerful tool to manage any last minute moves or changes that have been required. Avaya’s solution also easily accommodates any sudden spikes in network capacity, a frequent problem for high profile events like the Games.

Senior VP of Global Field Operations Pierre Paul Allard notes: “From end-to-end, Sochi requires a sophisticated and efficient network to deliver accuracy at the Games – whether a scorekeeper is booking accurate time, an athlete beats a record by a 10th of a second or a reporter must upload a critical video file. Every time the Olympic Family sends a video stream or an image, a tweet or a Facebook post, they will need a robust, fast, modern and highly resilient network infrastructure. That’s what we provide to Sochi. Avaya’s technology powers simple, resilient, agile communications for small businesses up to the largest enterprises, making us the ideal network partner for the Sochi Olympic Winter Games.”

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