Avaya IP Office v.11 release – May 2018

Avaya IP Office v.11 release 2018

Avaya’s latest IP Office launch this May has introduced huge changes to it’s UC experience. With over 50% of workers being classed as ‘millennials’ the tools businesses use to collaborate and help customers is changing rapidly. IP Office’s update reflects the desire for a more collaborative and unified  communications solution.

Avaya Equinox

The biggest change within Avaya’s latest release is the exciting Equinox platform.

IBM Global Technology services have predicted that by 2022 42% of all workers will work away from the office at least some of the time. With this statistic in mind, Avaya developed Enquinox to provide remote workers with the same tools they would expect working in an office.

Equinox delivers a unified experience across mobile, desktop and web to provide a familiar, easy to use experience across platforms. Additional collaborative tools such as screen sharing and remote desktop access help to address the growing number of mobile workers across platforms and time zones seamlessly. Other essential features such as company directory and presence also work across all platforms.

Unified Communications is on the rise in the workplace with both customers and staff demanding access to multiple communication platforms. According to the U.S. Enterprise Communications Survey 70% of workers use a combination of voice calls, mobile and internet messaging, a figure set to rise to 80% by 2020. A further 80% of enterprises are expected to have adopted video communication by 2019. Equinox provides a single platform to integrate all of these services including multi party chat, online meetings and of course calls.

“Top of Mind”, which appears at the top of Equinox screens lets users keep on top of all of their communications. When they look at their device they can quickly see what meetings they’re late for, need to join or are coming up, what missed calls they have, left voice mails or updates to group chats and instant messages.

Avaya Equinox Meetings Online

Equinox Meetings online is a premium service providing users with a virtual meeting room, this can be booked out and used whenever it is available. This low cost addition provides up to 50 participants and 500 viewers, with high quality video collaboration. Available as a monthly fee or yearly subscription Meetings Online provides easy video calls to anyone with the meeting entry key regardless of location or organisation.

Equinox and Equinox meetings online both form a part of the standard ” Basic user, Office Worker, Mobile Worker” Licences meaning that those who are upgrading to version 11 will not have to purchase additional features to gain access to Equinox. This does however replace the existing One-X applications.

Avaya Cronicall

Avaya has bridged the gap between IP Office and it’s contact centre solution with Chronicall. This software enables for a host of call reporting features with over 50 standard reports available. Chronicall’s modular design means users can add licenses depending on the additional reporting they require. These include Real Time reports, agent dashboards and custom reporting. VMPro can also be integrate

d to provide compliant call recording reports and management.

Along with some additional entry level handsets Avaya has released one high end touch screen desk phone, the Vantage. With its all glass design and optional camera to tie together its UC offerings within a single handset.


If you would like more information on upgrading to the new Avaya v.11 please get in touch with one of our team at sales@nottel.co.uk or on 01623 687750


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