Are Unified Communications essential for the modern workplace?

Unified communications (UC) has been on the buzzword for several years in the communications industry. As the way we work changes the way we communicate needs to evolve as well. UC is the integration of multiple systems such as phone calls, instant messaging, email and video calls.

There are many ways in which companies can embrace unified communications to improve productivity and efficiency in their business.

Phone System

The modern phone system is no longer just about making calls. Systems such as Avaya IP Office and Ericsson-LG UCP offer integration to suit your businesses need for UC. Whether you need just email integration or a full suite of communications there will be a solution to match.

Because this integration is programmed within the phone system it limits the risk and impact of compatibility issues, such as 3rd party software updates making new versions unsupported. UC phone systems can also provide communications solutions for multi-site businesses allowing for easy collaboration between different branches and countries. Consolidating comms in this way can reduce costs by providing a single solution for all sites.

Mobile Applications

Since most people have a smartphone mobile applications have become a staple for the rising number of mobile workers and remote workers. Allowing them to communicate with team members as easily as they would in the office.

Mobile applications can allow users to pick up calls made to their office phone and provide features of the phone system e.g. transferring calls and putting calls on hold. Apps can also make outgoing calls presenting the business number instead of a mobile number to give the impression of being in the office. For those who do not have a desk phone and only work remotely the application can act as a DDI to provide phone system features without the need for additional hardware.

Avaya’s recent R11 release included a cross platform tool (Equinox) allowing mobile users to handle instant messaging, video calling and conferencing remotely as well as in the office.

Soft Phones

Soft phones and soft clients can be applied to a range of devices including PC’s, laptops and smart phones. By providing a full feature set that you would expect to find on a handset, soft clients can eliminate the need for a physical phone. Useful for those with limited desk space or are remote workers. Furthermore these clients can integrate with email and other communications platforms using a single screen to simplify the process for users.


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