A Callers First impressions

There are many factors that affect the impression a caller gets about your business, and nearly all of them are before you pick up the phone!

Missed calls

Missed calls are possibly the most negative first impression a caller could experience, as well as the most costly for businesses. Over 80% of callers will not call back if their call was missed and approximately 70% won’t leave a voicemail. Without an efficient solution thousands of potential customers could be lost. An estimated £90 million in revenue is lost across the UK from missed calls every year. Call logging software will keep track of all missed or abandoned calls and highlight them until the call is returned ensuring that potential leads aren’t lost. Call software can also provide additional insight into call trends and busy periods allowing businesses to adjust staff levels to fit demand.


Information On Hold

Music on hold and information on hold can keep your callers engaged and give them information on your products and recent successes while they wait. Auto attendants and on hold messages can be easily customised to suit business needs and different verticals. Studies show that callers who are met with high quality information on hold are more likely to wait longer and give positive feedback on the experience. Whereas those who only hear ringing for a prolonged period are likely to hang up the phone. Furthermore you can present a professional image no matter the business size and give potential customers reasons to choose your company!


Call Queuing 

Sometimes it is unavoidable that callers will be waiting in a queue, especially with call centre and healthcare environments. Callers confronted a queue are much more likely to hang up and are unlikely to call back.

Effective queue management will keep callers on the line longer. Software with Artificial intelligence manipulates queue positions to keep repeat/patient callers further down the queue to prioritise new or impatient callers to ensure more successful calls. Cloud based queuing solutions can provide unlimited queuing. As well as preventing lines becoming engaged the management portals show how many callers are waiting. Cloud solutions can also provide callers with their queue position and some even provide and approximate wait time.


Caller unavailable 

It can be frustrating to request a specific agent/department only to be told they are unavailable. Although there may be many reasons for this, it is avoidable. If a user is working from home or away from the office mobile twinning or forwarding may be the solution. By simultaneously ringing both an office phone and mobile phone workers are more accessible by staff and customers. Brands such as Avaya additionally offer mobile applications allowing users to return calls presenting their DDI instead of mobile number.


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