The top 10 benefits of a VOIP hosted system

Would your business survive a cyber attack?

FraudAround the UK businesses are increasingly being targeted by cyber-attacks – in fact, the amount of businesses affected has increased by more than 50 per cent in less than half a year. But what can your business do?

The number of cyber-attacks taking place has increased to around 52 per cent in the first quarter of the year. There were around 65,000 attacks in businesses around the UK in less than 3 months and the number is still increasing. These are some of the highest numbers researchers have seen this year.

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Toll fraud – how to prevent it


What is toll fraud and how can it affect your business? Toll fraud is where criminals hack into your phone systems and use them to make long distance calls all around the world. Unfortunately you are unable to claim money back if hackers do this to your system, and this can sometimes cost companies thousands.

1.2 billion pounds worth of fraud costs have been reported across the UK and the number of businesses being targeted is increasing each day. The worst part is that most businesses won’t realise they have been hacked until the bill comes through at the end of the month.

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Video conferencing training made simple

guy on callIt is important to find innovative ways to keep your employees motivated but also up to date on all the training they need to do a good job. Having the necessary skills and knowledge of the ins and outs of your company is going to make your business run far smoother. Your employees will grow on a professional but also a personal level with the correct training, and help your business become more profitable.

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Video conferencing vs face-to-face

In today’s hyper-connected world, face-to-face meetings are becoming less frequent, with more businesses than ever before using video conferencing for their meetings. It increases flexibility, it is much faster with instant calls and it prevents meeting delays. Face-to-face will always be relevant in some situations but there are many reasons to why people are starting to switch.

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Is your phone system a relic?

landlineIt is amazing how quickly communication systems are advancing. Technology is developing so fast and modern phone systems include a wealth of impressive features that we could have never of dreamed of just a few years ago. If your telephone system is older than two years you could be missing out on so many benefits and features that could help boost your business profits.

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