Should you allow BYOD in your office?

Why upgrade your school phone system?

School KidsNT can lower your costs, help to organise your staff and faculty, keep you connected with parents and students – and help to keep your site safe.

Schools, colleges and universities all over the UK are upgrading their digital systems – so why not their communication systems too? Maybe it is time to get an upgrade, and profit from the tonnes of benefits that a new communications system can bring to your school.

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Free communications review

Since 1986, we have been helping businesses to improve their communications, cut their costs, increase efficiency and deliver substantially better service to their own customers.

We have helped thousands of businesses like yours to identify the most efficient and cost effective set up for their business communications, including their telecoms, internet and mobile.

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Why choose cloud-based telecoms?

Cloud telephony

The Cloud is now one of the most mainstream network servers that businesses use today so it’s not a surprise that more and more businesses are moving away from the legacy communication platforms. A cloud-based telecommunications system is extremely simple to use and has tonnes of amazing features that could benefit your business from video conferencing to disaster recovery.

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Improve your school’s security with a better phone system

School phone system

In nurseries, schools and universities both staff and pupils need to be able to work and learn in safe environment. Although serious incidents are rare, they are a stark reminder for educational establishments to regularly review their security and make improvements where possible. It shouldn’t take tragic circumstances for this to happen.

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