Telephone systems that support homeworkers

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Grow your workforce for less

For businesses that employ home and remote workers, IP Office Teleworker is a must-have solution. Its powerful features enable employees working off-site to be as accessible and responsive as those working in your office, giving them the full range of your system’s capabilities.

To take advantage of your full phone system capabilities, all your employees need is an internet connection. It’s as if they’re working in the next room.

Specification: IP Office Teleworker is a software download that is available for IP Office Preferred Edition or IP Office Advanced Edition


Benefits of IP Office Teleworker:

For your employees:

  • Use of the easy point and click call handling with all the necessary functions: hold, dial, transfer, conference and more.
  • Integration with their existing applications such as Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Access to hundreds of speed dial entries in your virtual office phone book.

For you:

  • Hire talent regardless of location – IP Office Teleworker is effective whether your employee is located across the street, or across the World.
  • No need for more office space or facilities for new employees as your business expands.
  • Increase your business hours by employing workers to operate remotely in different time zones.
  • Monitor performance without having to be in the same room: record, archive and replay calls, enabling you to customise training for individuals’ needs.

For your business:

  • Reduced costs and variable phone expenses eliminated, as the VPN connection allows calls to take place through the network.
  • Employees can see each others’ status allowing easy management for you and effective working for your team.
  • Reliability: if employees can’t connect to the VPN or their bandwidth drops, employees can maintain connectivity through their home or wireless phones.
  • Boost productivity by reducing or eliminating the need to commute. Employees save time and expense, and get more work done as a result.

Did you know…

Studies have found that:

  • 66% of employees across Europe and Russia (58% in the UK) do at least some ‘flexible working’, meaning that they can set their own hours and work from an alternative location to the office.
  • Homeworkers are 20% more productive.
  • Homeworkers take less sick days.
  • 21% of homeworkers use the time saved from not needing to commute to do more work.
  • 75% would consider reduced pay in exchange for being allowed to work flexibly working.
  • Businesses have found employing homeworks can save them on average £6,000 a year each.
  • Overall, homeworkers are happier!

IP Office Teleworker: Full feature list

  • Full control of conference calls (functions: record conference, add, drop, mute, un-mute
  • Handling of inbound and outbound calls (functions: answer, transfer, hold, drop)
  • Handling of inbound and outbound calls directly via
  • Integration of 3rd party gadgets from Zoho and iGoogle into the workspace
  • Microsoft Exchange Calendar Mining (access via hardware/software to your exchange server to read calendars, contact info etc)
  • Phone directories: personal, system, and external
  • Phone preference settings, e.g. profiles (home, office, mobile), voicemail ring back/out calling and DND
  • Queue monitoring
  • Caller ID & name display (per service provider)
  • Send instant messages (IM) to GoogleTalk, company contacts and Microsoft Exchange
  • Call history logs with options to view all, outgoing, incoming, missed and messages
  • Speed dial and presence management of GoogleTalk, Microsoft Exchange and users within and across the Company
  • Display of time spent on call
  • Management of voicemail messages
  • Operate from anywhere in the World, so long as you have a phone and internet connection
  • Call history log, with options to view all, incoming, outgoing and missed
  • 12 feature key buttons that are customisable
  • Phone directories: personal, system and external
  • Creation of new contacts
  • Handling of inbound and outbound calls (functions: call, transfer, hold, speakerphone, mute, end, redial)
  • Handling of inbound and outbound calls directly via Microsoft Outlook
  • Integrated hi-definition multipoint video conferencing
  • Display of time spent on call
  • Operate from anywhere in the World, so long as you have an internet connection

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