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If your business regularly has more than two different people talking to customers, you will probably gain great benefit from installing one of our low cost contact centre solutions.

Technologies that allow you to track and measure customer service and your staff productivity levels are no longer just the domain of high end call centres and can be very effectively deployed in even the smallest business.


As a call centre manager, it's likely you'll be familiar with these difficulties and challenges:

  • Absenteeism - with staff away or 'borrowed', it's harder to deliver a great customer experience especially when the rest of the team feel stressed.
  • High call abandonment rates - when there's not enough staff, long queue times mean frustrated customers and many lost calls.
  • New communication channels - handling of email, chat, SMS and social media isn't streamlined and you see valuable opportunities going to waste
  • Poor first-call resolution - calls get transferred around a lot and customers get frustrated as a result - not to mention valuable staff time being wasted.
  • Tight budgets - it seems you're constantly expected to raise standards even with less money and fewer staff than ever before.
  • Under and over resourcing - thinly-spread resources mean it's hard to cope with the busiest times - but when there's too many staff, there's not enough work to go around.
  • Under-performing agents - under-achievers are sometimes not tackled because you don't have the time or budget to find and train someone new.

The solution: a multi-channel call centre

A multi-channel contact centre solution is a simple way to tackle many of the common problems outlined above. You'll find customers are happier with less waiting, less frustration and less dissatisfaction, and your staff will have what they need to be more helpful, more efficient and more motivated.


A multi-channel contact centre tackles the challenges of the busy call centre in a number of ways:

Better resource management

Increase business intelligenceYou'll find that the reporting functionality makes it easier to predict when you'll need more staff, or if you can send overflow to help with other departments. You can also use automation to deal with routine inquiries. You'll be able to:

  • See what's going on in your call centre for effective resource planning and management of peak-time overloads.
  • Manage unexpected events in real-time using Snapshot.
  • Get a clear picture of historical performance and trends with out-of-the-box reports, enabling you to monitor performance and identify service-affecting issues that need to be addressed..
  • Create fully-automated custom reports that save you time and effort.
  • Make better decisions and create accurate forecasts, based on accurate data and analysis.
  • Identify your top performers, as well as those who might need more training, by tracking the performance of individual team members.

Right person first time

Voice interactionYou'll have the ultimate in call-routing flexibility, so that calls can be automatically routed to the last-called agent or to the most skilled agent as you choose. You can:

  • Automate routine, repetitive queries, such as 'what's my account balance?'.
  • Capture customer information up front, so that agents can direct calls to the best person or give high-value customers special treatment.
  • Flatten peaks in call volume and increase agent productivity during less-busy times by offering customers a callback option.
  • Measure customer happiness with post-call surveys.
  • Ensure that faxes, emails, SMS messages, chats, social media and requests generated from the web are handled with the same care as phone calls, raising the bar on customer service standards.

Increasing agent productivity

Workflow engineYour staff will have the information and functionality that they need to help retain existing customers, source new customers and increase sales revenues. For example, staff can:

  • Reach out to your customers during off-peak call periods by automatically offering outdial calls when they become available.
  • Gain insights about customer wants and needs with telephone surveys.
  • Proactively raise customer satisfaction by contacting customers with important news.
  • Reduce call time with 'click-to-dial' functionality.
  • Test the effectiveness of various sales approaches and chart overall results with powerful reporting tools

Happier staff

Multichannel interactionBy increasing the variety of work and matching it to your team's abilities, every work day becomes more enjoyable. You'll find:

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty is raised through increased productivity.
  • The way customers and staff communicate by email is transformed.
  • Customer service is outstanding across all media.
  • Sales are maximised.
  • Your customers enjoy 360° customer care.

Customers spend less time waiting

Workflow engineWith your staff spending less time on every call, they can move quickly onto the next customer. By offering customised announcements, you can encourage callers to wait up to 35% longer, and by delivering repeat callers with their call history to the last agent they had contact with, you'll increase both customer satisfaction and efficiency. Benefit from:

  • Real-time views of contact centre activity, benefiting supervisors, managers and your staff.
  • A reduction in call abandonment rates and call handling times with in-queue announcements.
  • An increase in both productivity and customer satisfaction with intelligent call routing and customer ping-pong.
  • Better management of people and resources through targeted reporting that's always accurate.

What people say about our recommended multi-channel contact centre solutions:

The new system provides self-monitoring and helps staff track high call volume. Agents can take calls on-demand and members have a call-back option without losing their place in line. I love these great features!

Paula Miller, Supervisor Gesa Credit Union

The agents took to it wonderfully, the transition was very easy and our production has really skyrocketed.

Kathy Savoie, Team Manager Arbella Insurance

Enhanced routing enables Compass to route their calls to experienced sales staff only, and focus on its most loyal and profitable customers. Excellent customer service keeps the high-revenue customers coming back for more.

Che Burnett, Customer Care Manager Compass Communications

We've outlined just a few features and benefits of a multi-channel call centre solution here - to find out how we can help you tackle your company's individual challenges and improve your customer service levels, please get in touch with our contact centre specialists.

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