Business broadband

Business broadband

We understand that businesses are looking for a broadband service that will support the way they work, not restrict it.

Our business broadband service uses next-generation technology to deliver the optimium download speeds available from the local exchange.  What would be the impact of a broadband service outage on your business? Our experienced UK-based technical team will help you avoid downtime by providing  business-critical support for all of NT's business broadband packages.

Benefits of our business internet service:


You can scale your business internet access as needed, or you can access burstable internet bandwidth on-demand.

Cost savvy
Cost savvy

Our business internet services allow you to drive down the cost of business-class internet access.


We offer a range of connectivity options with speeds from 2Mbps to 10Gbps to meet your business needs and budget.

Business specific

Our internet services are business-only and not provided to domestic uses, ensuring maximum performance.

Experienced team

We provide sound advice on the best solutions and comprehensive technical support on all aspects of your internet service.


Our robust connectivity solutions are designed to keep your business up and running, whatever happens.

Why choose a business-specific broadband package?

A good business broadband package will help your business to grow and function in several ways:

  • Priority support service: When you take a business-specific broadband deal from NT, you get prioritised technical support. We know that if your business goes offline for any period of time, this could cost you money. We therefore offer our clients a priority service so you can be confident we will do our best to get your business back on track as soon as possible.
  • Communication:  With a good business broadband deal, you are better connected to your prospective clients and customers, to your staff and between offices.
  • Enhanced processes: Business broadband opens up new opportunities for your business. Whilst the internet used to be about email and surfing the web, super and ultrafast broadband speeds have made it possible to route your calls over the internet via voice over internet protocol (VoIP).  You may also consider putting your apps in the cloud, making significant cost savings for your business.
  • Improves security: Unlike packages tailored for home-use, business broadband packages offer your company enhanced security. This can include backing up your files online to protect valuable data, enhanced anti-virus and spyware protection.

What factors are important when choosing a business broadband deal?

When looking at a broadband package for your business, you may like to consider the following factors:

  • Support: Not every business broadband deal offers the same level of support.  NT do, however, offer priority technical support for its business broadband customers as we know how important it is to keep you up and running.
  • Price: One of the top factors for growing businesses, as with any deal you need to be concerned about whether you are getting value for money. Whatever provider you choose, we advise you to consider the length of the contract offered, and not to be fooled by introductory rates or gimmicks – compare packages using the overall cost for the period offered.  NT can help you navigate the thousands of packages available and choose the best value for your business.
  • Speed: Naturally you want your business to be able to work as fast as possible so you will want fast speeds.  While people often just focus on download speed, upload speed can also be a major consideration depending on what you typically use your broadband for. NT's team will discuss your broadband usage with you to ensure the package you choose fits with the way you work.
  • VoIP services: VoIP can change the way you work as a business – allowing you to make your calls over the internet instead of through regular landlines.  This is especially helpful for businesses making international calls as they can be free to selected countries.  VoIP also allows you to manage and route calls to any device, allowing you all the functionality of your phone system wherever you are located.  Speak to NT about VoIP software to enhance your communications.
  • Networking:  Most businesses will need to be able to network – that is, to share information and resources between computers.  You need to  check that your business broadband deal does not limit your requirements here, and that there is plenty of room for growth.  You'll also want to be sure that wireless networking is possible.  NT will ensure your package meets all of your needs here.
  • Static IP address: At least one static IP address is usually offered with business broadband (and is another reason why it is better to choose a business-specific over a home package). A static IP address allows you to set up remote access, enabling you to collect your emails directly to your PC and more.
  • Contention ratios: One factor that impacts your broadband speed is the volume of traffic that is being carried when you are logged on. If a large number of people are using the service at one time, the contention ratio will be high and this can slow things down. You need to lower contention ratios to enjoy faster speeds, or consider a dedicated solution.
  • Security: Of primary importance to any business, most business broadband packages offer some level of enhanced security which may include anti-virus and spyware protection, a firewall and the ability to back-up your data online.  Speak to NT about your exact needs and requirements here.
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NT supplies business broadband solutions in the Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and East Midlands area, as well as providing cost effective solutions to companies nationwide. Contact NT today on 01623 687750 or email to find out more.