What are you missing? – Call reporting

What are you missing out on in your businesses calls? Without accurate reporting it is all guess work as to what is going on when your agents are on the phone. Do you think you could be losing sales by poor call routing, abandoned calls or customer service issues?


How can call reporting work for your business?

Many phone systems come with rudimentary call reporting as standard, but this limited capability rarely provides the detail businesses need to keep in control of their calling.

Without call reporting it would be impossible to know how many calls went unanswered, how many were abandoned or not called back. Without this knowledge the revenue potential these calls represented will be lost, with no insight into preventing it recurring in the future.

Call reporting can have many more advantages than just finding out how long calls took to answer. Reporting software can analyse data to show trends and busy periods, which allows you to maximise opportunity and rota staff according to your peak times. Employee management and support can also benefit from reporting, as it can indicate those under performing or areas in need of coaching.



Features vary greatly between providers so knowing the statistics important to your business is necessary to find the right solution. Dependant on the reporting services you need there are many options available such as inbound only, inbound & outbound and live and historical reports.

For busy call centres, regardless of size, live reporting is often crucial to avoid missing opportunities. Meaning cradle to grave call statistics need to be accessible whilst the call is still live, not only once the phone has been put down. By removing the guess work from communications management businesses can focus on improving staff and customer experience, maximise productivity to help increase their bottom line.

Business centres or departments running a shared phone system can also benefit from reporting solutions by using extension reporting as a billing tool. Allowing for accurate simple calculation of call charges even with a large number of users.



Wallboards are a common feature of reporting software and offer the ability to quickly see multiple stats and KPI’s of your agents. Many brands now offer the option of having a mobile app instead of the standard desktop or TV board. This allows access to the call statistics for those out of office and for multiple supervisors to have private access to the wallboard.

Shown on the right as an example of a wallboard from Akixi. Most call reporting platforms offer the flexibility to add and customise it’s appearance by only displaying the stats most relevant to your business. Akixi as an example also provides Horizon users with the option of graphs, charts as an alternative to typical wallboard graphics.


Some reporting software includes call recording as part of the package which can simplify compliance with new GDPR regulations coming in this May. Control over your communications could be the feature that allows you to outperform the competition and improve your business’s levels of customer service.

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