Find out how a leased line can save you money

Leased Line money save

Every time your businesses suffers through downtime, outages or slow broad band speeds, you are potentially losing money in lost revenue (not to mention the wages you are spending on staff who can’t do anything when the  internet is down).

Even a few half hours here and there have a real impact on productivity and revenue. But how much is a slow or even broken internet connection costing your customers? A  OnePoll   study found that on average, employees lose 44 minutes every week due to poor broadband speeds and connectivity.

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39% of employees say that their internet is ‘much faster’ at home compared to the internet they use at work

£11 billion is lost every year by the UK economy, as a direct result of lost productivity – much of which is down to connectivity

£494.00 is lost every year in productivity costs due to slow internet – and this is for every employee you have


How a Leased Line can benefit your business?

Increased Productivity

Un contended connections offer the fastest

Guaranteed Reliability

100% availability SLAs, optimum fix times and speeds to keep your employees working, plus traffic redirection fail over options ensure symmetrical speeds are ideal for VoIP and more.


Protect from data breaches and downtime

Leased Lines are dedicated to you, meaning any information transmitted through them is private. This is worth thinking about when you consider the Information Commissioner’s Office fine of up to £500,000 for compromising personal data. The dedicated nature of Leased Lines also means you can avoid downtime associated with hacks and security breaches:

87% of small businesses reported at least one cyber breach in the last year

60% of businesses in the UK reported downtime, with 34% seeing a loss of revenue

Replace legacy hardware

Leased Line costs suddenly look a lot more reasonable when measured against the savings you could make through IP-based telephony. Leased Lines allow you to replace legacy phone systems in favour of scalable IP-based services that reduce costs. According to recent research from BT:

74% of businesses have seen their IT costs fall thanks to faster internet

22% of SMEs are using the internet for phone calls. Businesses using VoIP make an average yearly saving of £456

Move your services to the cloud

Cloud applications can make collaboration easier and mean you can replace costly in-house systems. Flexible tools can run on simple subscription models, while easy scalability means you can quickly add or remove users as required, so you will only ever pay for what they use. The cloud makes a big difference to businesses, and 69% say fast internet helps them use it to its potential.

69% of businesses now use cloud applications (up 10% on 2014)

68% use cloud applications for email

63% use cloud applications for file sharing

Spend less on travel

VoIP and online meeting software run smoothly over Leased Lines, meaning you can stay in touch easily whenever and wherever they are. This means you cut down on the number of physical meetings, reducing travel fees and overheads and promoting productivity. Remote working is growing quickly in the UK, seeing a substantial growth in the last 1 -2 years.

91% of businesses in the UK take advantage of remote working

76% of businesses spend less time and money travelling thanks to video conferencing

Improve your business efficiency

Reducing downtime, improving security and spending less time travelling or in meetings all contribute to quicker working practices and to making your businesses more efficient. This helps reduces costs and allows employees to devote more time to other areas, such as networking and business planning.

72% of businesses believe it ls very important to keep up with new technologies


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