VoIP phone systems – what’s the deal?

landlineMillions of people around the world are using digital communications such as smartphones and laptops – and the number is rising day by day.

This drastic change our lives has had a great impact in the way we behave. It has changed everything from how we communicate with each other, how we buy food and how we shop to how we find out about what is going on in other parts of the world – and even our beliefs and views.

Having this amazing way of communication means businesses can take advantage of the rapidly evolving technology and associate and connect themselves with more customers from different parts of the world.

A cloud-based VoIP system makes it quicker, simpler and easier to reach out to your target market, empowering yourself and your business to accomplish your goals. With a VoIP system, you don’t have to rely on onsite technology to achieve this.

Contemporary ideas for your business

VoIP communication systems offer a wide range of advanced practical ways of making your organisation more available and simplifying the process of connecting with your customers. There is a lot more freedom in having this type of system in place, as you do not always have to be in the office to get those important businesses enquiries.

Making and receiving calls on the go with a cloud system is simple as calls can be effortlessly redirected to any destination – whether this is to your mobile or a colleague in the office. Whoever receives the call first, the call will be diverted quickly and seamlessly to them even if they are not in the office – for example, to their mobile.

To make sure you never miss an important client call you can set up a reliable routing plan so that if the call is not answered when it first rings, it can be immediately directed to another colleague.

Easy management of system configuration and features

Managing an internet based system is much simpler as you can administer and customise your features on your online account, just by a clicking a button. Even when it comes to setting the system up, everything is extremely straight forward (with NT’s friendly team on hand should you get stuck).

There is no need to hire staff to help maintain onsite equipment because everything you need will be powered by our software. Changes can be easily made with a few clicks, altering and tweaking features to best suit how you do business. Rather than taking a few days to make such adjustments, they can be done pretty much instantly because it isn’t a physical system (which would take a long time to update).

Fast and fuss-free deployment

Legacy systems can cost a lot to maintain and it take much more time to install both the system itself and any features needed for it. Everyone expects simple, quick and flexible technology in today’s society – and with a cloud-based communications system this is exactly what you will receive.

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