Video conferencing: simplify how you meet

Video ConferencingSeeing someone’s facial expressions and body language during a meeting is so important – whether you’re pitching a new idea, training the team or meeting about the Company’s progress. These visual cues give you an indication of what your colleagues or prospective clients are really thinking which can easily be missed with a telephone call.

However, face-to-face meetings can be difficult to organise with everyone running on a different schedule. They can also be really expensive in terms of the time they take up and the costs of travel. It is perhaps therefore unsurprising that face-to-face meetings are gradually being phased out in today’s hyper-connected world, with more businesses than ever before choosing to use video conferencing for their meetings.

Video conferencing increases flexibility and offers a much faster way to meet, with instant calls allowing a meeting at the touch of a button and preventing meeting delays. Face-to-face meetings are unavoidable in some situations but there are many reasons why people are starting to switch to video.

Having a large amount of people in one space isn’t always ideal, but now with video conferencing you don’t have to worry about being crammed together in a hot stuffy conference room. You can even enjoy the comfort of your office or even home to conduct your meeting. Even if you are feeling unwell or you are physically unable to come into the office, you can still attend that really important meeting. Meetings are also unaffected by factors outside of your control such as poor weather, transport delays or disasters.

With today’s high tech video collaboration solutions, having a number of people on one call won’t affect the quality of the video – you’ll enjoy a crisp, clear picture every time, as if you were sitting together in the same room.

Video conferencing benefitsGiving presentations and even training is possible with video conferencing as you can screen share with whoever you are talking to. Whether it be documents or the latest idea you have been working on, it is much easier to show someone rather than trying to describe the details over the phone.

There’s no need for your customers to also have video conferencing equipment. You can invite anyone, anywhere in the World to join your virtual meeting room using whatever device they have – laptop, mobile, tablet or computer – and simple intuitive apps mean they can join with just one-click.

A further benefit of using video conferencing is the cost savings. Travelling costs are always going to be expensive and travel is time consuming – video conferencing slashes both your travel costs and the costs of you/your team’s time in getting to and from meetings.

The solution is also an excellent way to support a remote workforce as you can get instant access from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. You can also conference with several locations at one time – giving you the ability to be in several places at once with no effort. Video conferencing supports multiple devices – so if you’re caught up somewhere, you can still join the meeting on your mobile phone or tablet.

Video conferencing can help improve your relationship with your staff, investors and your customers. It offers convenience for both you and whoever you are talking to conversation as you can talk to them from the office to wherever they may be.

Video conferencing stats:

  • The average attention span of conference attendees is lengthened from 23 minutes (on regular calls) to 35 minutes.
  • 76% of decision makers use Video Conferencing and recommend it without reservations to their line managers/direct reports.
  • A survey of 1,205 businesses conducted by Polycom revealed 96% of respondents agreed that Video Conferencing improves productivity.

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