Video conferencing in schools

ClassroomThe demand for higher curriculum standards is ever increasing by the day and the technology used within teaching is evolving rapidly. Educational institutions are developing the appeal for distance learning programs all across the world. Classrooms all over the UK are reinforcing learning with video conferencing for classrooms, enhancing the student’s experience.

Teachers are sharing resources, discussing strategies, connecting and communicating with other educators locally, nationally and internationally using video conferencing. Is your school benefiting from this technology?

Our video conferencing solutions

NT offers high-quality, affordable and easy to use technology for video conferencing so teachers can research and enhance their lessons. This technology can be used right across the school but it is especially relevant for Humanities and Science lessons. Scientists from across the world collaborate with each other using videoconferencing to share their conclusions in real-time. Having access to video conferencing platforms means teachers can speak with higher education facilities and incorporate their material into the curriculum.

Enhancing learning

Learning every subject from a textbook isn’t always ideal. Allowing students to connect with people and events outside the classroom walls can help bring a subject to life. Video conferencing gives teachers the power to bring students and different cultures together, which is very important for a student’s learning. You can use any device such as laptops, desktops or tablets just as long as there is an internet connection.

Wider perspective

Utilising video conferencing means that students can gain access to higher level courses that your school, college or university may not offer. Delivering your lectures and classes through video conferencing also enables you to reach to more students without them having to be on campus. Teachers could even use conferencing to show field trips all around the UK or even in different countries – just by the click of a button.

Special needs

Video conferencing can have a massive effect in the way children with autism learn. Connecting the student with education specialists can have a significant positive outcome for that child’s life. These specialists can help support the child without them needing to travel. They can also ensure the child is assessed continually from an early stage which can impact the way they learn for the rest of their life.


Your students need to prepare for all their exams or SATS and with video conferencing you can help them achieve their goals using an affordable and easy to use program. Your teachers can organise revision sessions which students can watch from anywhere with an internet connection.

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