Unlock the power of video conferencing for paid training courses

pcThere are a number of benefits for using video conferencing in your business when it comes to training but is there more than one way to take advantage of it and even make you some money?

Using video conferencing, companies can take a two-fold approach to training – first, hire an in-house trainer to handle new recruits and ongoing in-house training needs, and second, make the in-house trainer pay for themselves many times over by offering the training courses externally.

Getting a trainer to deliver face-to-face training for each learner can be extremely costly and can take a lot of time, especially if you don’t have the location resources to fit a number of people in one room. Using video conferencing you can train hundreds or even thousands of people from one location. You can pay the single trainer a set fee to do their presentation, invite an unlimited amount of delegates, and (for external attendees) charge each of them a fee for the training. This has massive earning potential as you can reach out nationally or even internationally to those seeking an affordable training solution in your niche.

Finding a location to train a large number of people can cost a lot and, in addition, you are limited to the number of people you can have in one room. Using video conferencing, there is no need to have a huge venue or manage a crowd as the trainer can deliver their presentation in a room of their own. Then all they need to do is send a link to the students to join the conference.

Using face-to-face training can be far more effective than trying to train using textbooks. When it is a live video conference, students have the ability to ask questions throughout the session and the trainer can answer them live. Sessions can be recorded so that attendees can watch the footage later if they need to, or even re-watch it to make sure it has all sunk in. If the student is struggling with a certain area they can go back over the footage later on and study it in their own time. This will make sure the student has understood each section thoroughly and will therefore produce better results.

One main issue for teaching large amounts of people is geographical restrictions. With video conferencing, you can target your training anywhere in the world. This would be perfect for businesses with international branches but also ideal for attracting attendees to paid training courses right across the world. This gives you an unlimited amount of earning potential.

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