Video conferencing vs face-to-face

In today’s hyper-connected world, face-to-face meetings are becoming less frequent, with more businesses than ever before using video conferencing for their meetings. It increases flexibility, it is much faster with instant calls and it prevents meeting delays. Face-to-face will always be relevant in some situations but there are many reasons to why people are starting to switch.

Video Conferencing

Having a lot of people all in one room isn’t always ideal, but now with video conferencing, you don’t have to worry about having to sit in that stuffy conference room. You can enjoy the comfort of your office or even your own home. Even if you are feeling unwell or you are physically unfit to come into the office you could still attend that really important meeting.

Having a number of people on one call won’t even affect the quality of the video, which is amazing as it can save bringing lots of staff to one location without the hassle. Seeing someone’s facial expressions and body language is very important when pitching new ideas as it gives an indication of what your colleagues actually think. In contrast when you’re hidden behind a phone, people can’t really grasp what you are thinking.

Giving presentations and even training is possible with video conferencing as you can screen share with whoever you are talking to. Whether it be documents or the latest idea you have been working on, it is much easier to show someone rather than trying to describe the details over the phone.

Traveling costs are always going to be expensive and travel is naturally time-consuming. With video conferencing there are no traffic jams, no waiting around at the airport, no flight delays and no transfers. You just pick up a phone and connect in an instant.

If you are away, you can get instant access from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. This gives you the ability to be in several places at once without having to move.

Video conferencing can also help increase your relationships with your staff, investors or even your customers. It offers convenience for both ends of the conversation as you can talk to them from your office, connecting to wherever they may be.

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