5 ways to use your free WiFi to market your business

Free WiFiMany establishments invest in free WiFi for their customers, believing that having this service will bring more customers through the door. Whilst it is true that offering free internet can generate more custom, encourage customers to stay longer and therefore drive more purchases, there are so many more ways to use your free WiFi to grow your business than just offering it as a service.

Here are 5 ways you can market through a free WiFi service such as So WiFi.

Grab data on sign in

When a customer uses your Wi-Fi, before they can use it you can require that they enter their email address. This means you can grow a potentially huge email database to send out email campaigns and promotions to your customers, making them want to come back for a return visit. After they log in you can even link them to your website, so they can see what your business offers as a company – growing your website traffic.

Require a ‘Like’ for free Wi-Fi

Asking customers to leave a ‘Like’ on your Facebook page before they can  use your internet connection is a great to make the popularity of your Facebook page flourish. Each customer’s friends and family will see what they have liked and in addition, the visitor will see your Facebook promotions and posts – ideal for bringing customers back.

Grab customer demographics

Finding out what sort of things your customers are into can be a great way to generate more relevant promotional ideas for your customers. When customers ‘Like’ your page, you can find out a great deal about them and what sort of interests they have – for example what TV, culture, politics, sport, music and fashion they are into. You can also find out information such as their age, gender, email address and location. Additionally you can send them more personalised messages, building a better relationship between you and your customer.

Promote your deals

After a customer has logged into the connection you can send them information on the latest offers and promotions which you are currently running. This will increase the value of each customer’s visit as few people will want to ignore something which may save them some money!

Q: What could I offer? 

Here are a few ideas of what your business could offer while your customer is on-site:

  • Cafés and restaurants: Vouchers and discounts on drinks and meals, meal deals, upsells (e.g. ‘Cake just £1 with your coffee’)
  • Bars, pubs and nightclubs: Discounted drinks vouchers, discounted entry on next visit or free drink with entry
  • Hotels and B&BS: Come back soon offers, discounted prices on rooms, discounts or offers on complementary services such as your spa
  • Theme parks and attractions: Discounted drinks or meal deals, deals on future visits, special event vouchers
  • Travel: Drinks or meals offers, offers on future journeys, upsells (e.g. ‘Upgrade to 1st class for only…’)
  • Shops and retail: Discount codes and offers, loyalty programme, make customer aware of new products/ranges, deals in the café if you have one, personal shopper offers
  • Education: Discounted food and drinks, offers on clubs / events
  • Gyms and sports complexes: Personal training special offers, discounted equipment or nutritional supplements, discounted classes or offers (‘buy 10 for…’), bring a friend for free

Ask for a review

You know you’re delivering a great experience to your customers, so why not use your free Wi-Fi to ask them for a review? This can be a great opportunity to drive your business up the search engine and review site rankings. You can also build a relationship with each of your customers by responding to their feedback, showing them that you care what they think. ‘So WiFi’ is unique in working with TripAdvisor, the most respected reviews website, to encourage more reviews.

We can help you if you’re looking for your first free WiFi solution. If you’ve already got free WiFi but you’d like to transform it into a powerful marketing tool for your business, ask us how we can help. ‘So WiFi’ can be added to your existing solution and can be run for less than the price of a cup of coffee each day! Call us on 01623 687750 or email sales@nottel.co.uk for more details. 

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