Why upgrade your school phone system?

School KidsNT can lower your costs, help to organise your staff and faculty, keep you connected with parents and students – and help to keep your site safe.

Schools, colleges and universities all over the UK are upgrading their digital systems – so why not their communication systems too? Maybe it is time to get an upgrade, and profit from the tonnes of benefits that a new communications system can bring to your school.

For a more protected and efficient learning environment, we recommend that you use one of the leading communications systems tailored for schools and we can help anyone get the most benefits out of it for educational purposes. Some of these benefits are:

  • Use any technical device such as laptops, school phones or even a mobile device to keep your staff and students connected whilst also being super organised.
  • Handle your inbound and outbound calls efficiently and simply. Make talking to parents and students coordinated and easy to handle.
  • Giving you the opportunity to make instant announcements and alerts to your staff, students or parents – whether this is important news, upcoming events or even if your school is closed that day. This makes it easier than ringing or emailing each individual person to let them know.
  • Lower costs, even for functions like conference calls or system administration.

NT offers outstanding communications benefits especially suited for schools and educational purposes in a simple compact solution, which our team would be happy to install for you. It is a great way to manage the costs but also function more efficiently to help a busy school day run smoothly.

Simple communications

One number reachability: Giving out personal numbers to other members of staff or students is definitely a security issue. The best solution to this is with our IP Office as you can use the school’s main number and add extensions to each individual person so you can get in contact with them. Our systems will automatically connect you to the necessary person or department, saving you time and making it simple to use. You can also choose where your calls need to be forwarded (for example to the staff member’s mobile), so no need to give out any personal numbers to anyone.

Managing calls: Getting information and data around and connecting it with other people has never been easier – our IP Office will support you and make it simple for everyone to use. Here is how we can help you:

  • To keep the flow of your calls simple, have an Automated Attendant to handle all the incoming calls and make sure they are on the right route to where they want to be – whether that be the main reception or maybe even the principal. This means that callers only need to remember one number but also mean the reception office doesn’t get flooded with calls looking for different departments.
  • When a person calls your number have options so that they can access information concerning lots of different options such as events, grades, sports and closing, so they stay up-to-date with anything important. This also saves your staff time as they won’t have to tell each individual person that is looking for this information.
  • Make everyone aware of any changes coming to your school – such as meetings, policy and staff changes. Use sharing lists to direct certain messages to certain people by using voice mail messages.

Listen to voicemail through e-mail: IP Voice can administer your voicemail messages through email – which is extremely handy for all the parents who are on the move or working, as you can access them on any device such as mobile phones and laptops.

Conference calls: Schools use conference calling quite often and can sometimes be a hassle as they rely on third-party services. This is where NT can help as we offer the power to be able to make these calls from any classroom with a telephone in. The two built-in 64-party conference bridges completely eliminate the need for using outside services. Even if you make just a handful of conference calls a day, your school will see substantial savings that can be counted towards return on investment.

School safety: Safety for the students is one of the main concerns at NT for schools, so we provide state of the art technology to ensure the staff and students all stay safe in case of an emergency. There is a customisable button “emergency” you can add to any of your phones – this can call a number of locations in and around the school if they are added to the emergency list. Used with add-on products, the system can allow security services to trace the call to a particular classroom phone, giving emergency services immediate notification of the school’s address and exact classroom number.

Low-cost and easy administration: Change is a fundamental part of school life – whether it is a classroom change, a new member of staff or allowing a team member to work from home. With IP Office, you can quickly and easily reconfigure the system to keep up with these changes, without needing to bring in an engineer. Many changes are simply a question of plug in and power on – with the system intelligently making the required changes for you.

Connect your schools: You can set up one dial plan for all of your school’s locations, which is very useful if you have more than one school building. This is the best way to save you money as IP Office gets rid of any site-to-site calling charges. You can share resources between each building such as the receptionist and message – this is possible by easily managing all the systems on one single interface.

The best options for your school

IP Office Essential Edition – this is great for keeping costs low whilst also having all the essential call handling efficiency. This would be the best option for any educational institution or small school.

What is included: This includes call routing, Caller ID, hold/conference/transfer, and voicemail and of course a fantastic selection of our handset phones.

IP Office Preferred Edition – this is the best way to communicate with your students and parents would work better for larger campuses and institutions.

What is included: Has a great automated service which cuts down time and gives you the freedom to send out special announcements and messages. There is also a call recording option which you can use to track how your staffs are handling calls.

Call us on 01623 687750 or email sales@nottel.co.uk for more information on school telephone systems.