Up to £2m fine for cold callers using withheld numbers

No cold callersFrom 16 May 2016, cold callers hiding behind withheld numbers could be fined over £2m


Direct Marketing companies who are registered in the UK will have the obligation to display their telephone number when making unexpected calls.

Ofcom have announced that their fines will dramatically increase up to £2 million. As for the companies, a further £500,000 fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office will be imposed to them if they continue to bombard customers with unwanted calls.

This new disposition will give people the power to decide whether they wish to answer the call. This will also make reporting harassment a lot easier when they can easily identify where the calls are coming from.

“Ofcom estimates that every year UK consumers receive approximately 4.8 billion nuisance calls, 1.7 billion live sales calls, 1.5 billion silent calls, 940 million recorded sales messages and 200 million abandoned calls.”

This statement makes the  message from the government and ICO  quite clear enough. Unexpected calls from marketing companies will no longer  be tolerated. The coming changes will make it easier to investigate and prosecute these companies.


What does this mean for you?


If you are a registered marketing business using our telephone lines or systems to make outbound cold calls then you need to contact us and let us know a telephone number that you wish to present. We can then pass through the number you are calling from. Alternatively you can present a number obtained from us as a new Inbound service that terminates to your site.

Should you need further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our NT Customer Care Team on 01623 687750 or send an email at sales@nottel.co.uk.