The top 10 benefits of a VOIP hosted system

phoneBusinesses are constantly expanding their facilities for newcomers in their business. You need to be able to quickly add new equipment in without any hassle and with hosted VoIP this is possible. Accommodating more phone lines can be as simple as just plugging in a phone and it is all ready to use.

If your company uses traditional on-premise systems it can be quite challenging to add in new systems, due to higher setup and even maintenance costs. IT support would be needed on-site at all times, which gives you costs of hiring someone as well. For small businesses, a cloud-based system means that you can manage your communications simply, in a cost effective manner.

Listed below are the key benefits of having VoIP instead of a traditional PBX system for your business.

Rock solid continuity

Having the cloud in your businesses means you can connect to the office wherever you may be. Say there are relentless weather conditions and you and your staff can’t get into the offices – they can work from home whilst still be able to access all their applications needed. Your system is unaffected as it is hosted remotely.

Even if you aren’t able to physically be on the premises, your business can still run well as your staff will still be able to access the tools needed to work, wherever they are.

Better customer care

A cloud based system gives your business a more professional look. It’s like having a virtual receptionist who can help keep your callers organised and help them find the department they need simply and quickly. You can even have an exclusive greeting for each department for that personal touch.

You can pre-set certain greetings on a specific date for any special promotions or even holiday greetings using the administration portal. You can even have a helpline department for any common questions asked about your products, services or something your customers need help understanding. You have total control over how your calls are handled, and therefore over the customer experience.

An integrated comms system

A report from the research firm Gartner points out that integrating a company’s communications with its everyday applications for business processes and workflows helps increase efficiency.

There are many business benefits that don’t just include making calls. Employees can stay connected to the office on the go, even with email, video and voice conferencing and instant messages. VoIP helps expand your ability to have employees to work from home, so if they can’t come into the office then you don’t lose out.

Greater control over communication

There are certain features that are crucial to your business and with a cloud system you can pick and choose exactly what you need, without any extra cost. Managing them is also simple and turning them on and off can be done with just the click of a button.

As well as this, any desk phone, smartphone or softphone can all be linked to the cloud software so they can have real-time access to all their calling features from whereever they need – as long as there is an internet connection.

The best business features and functionality

You don’t have to be a large corporation to have access to all the same features as one. Small businesses can have the same software such as never miss a call, virtual assistant and auto attendant. These can be extremely useful, especially at busy periods of the day.

Ease of use, even on-the-go

The use of mobile phones in small businesses to access features of the phone system is becoming extremely popular – especially if you and staff need to move between different locations.

In a busy business environment, you want to make sure you are as productive as possible and having the ability to log on from anywhere means you can still work on the move. Even staff who have customer roles, they can use their time more efficiently.

Efficient use of time

Because everything is managed online, staff can set up and control the system more efficiently. Online features such as configuration, training, call analytics and billing put you in complete control of your communications and your team. The instant access and ease of use means you’ll spend less time and therefore money on reporting, optimising your operations and reducing inefficiencies. Everything you need is at your fingertips, wherever you are in the world – as if you were sat at your office desk.

Easy to expand (or scale down)

As new staff join and new customers increase you will need to expand your communication systems. Changing the number of phones you have in your office will be a common task as your business grows.

Setting up new phones is simple and quick with a cloud-based system – it is as simple as just plugging in a new handset and you are ready to go. Your business may require more extensions because of higher call volumes or even just new staff joining. Rather than having to pay large amounts, like with traditional phone systems, your business will only have to purchase the handset when they are required.

New features when you need them (but not when you don’t)

During busy seasons, some businesses will add premium calling features to increase call-taking efficiency and maximise staffing. Call Groups, for example, allow incoming calls to ring on multiple extensions.

A big problem is losing out on valuable customers due to high call volumes. You can decrease the amount of missed calls and voicemails by setting up a virtual waiting room. This will help manage the call volume and answer as many calls as possible so you don’t lose out.

Big cost savings

Standard PBX systems can be very expensive to buy upfront. Using the cloud to manage your telephone system has many benefits but also can reduce your costs. With a cheap monthly subscription to use this service means there won’t be any large capital to get your business up and running. They are very much reliable as long as you have a stable internet connection.

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