Be in the office, out of the office


Do you have to travel for work? Or do you prefer to work from home? Today’s businesses are less about location and more about communication.

NT offers a wide range of communication devices to help suit your business needs. You need the right access to your work – and a good mobile phone that performs well for your business could be a critical investment.

With the right device you can stay connected with your customers and ensure that you are always on hand to support your team when you are needed.

Empower your team

When employees need to travel to appointments or between offices, their mobile devices can become an extension of your phone system. This allows them to stay connected with their team members and prospective clients, ensuring they deliver exceptional customer service even when they are away from their desk.

Of course, employers must be cost-conscious and you want to make sure you don’t have any unexpected mobile bills. Having full control of your employees’ mobile expenses  and having a fixed payment plan for each mobile device means you can manage your payments clearly and simply.

Each mobile phone you buy is an investment. Equipping your team with the right features can ensure that investment is returned quickly.

NT will manage your business mobile services, ensuring your team have the latest feature-rich devices with affordable cost-effective price plans to ensure you stay in control of your costs.

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