So Wi-Fi : a powerful marketing tool for SMEs

So WiFiEveryone has a device that needs internet and therefore expects to find a Wi-Fi connection in their school, hotel or even café. Connecting with your customers and students has never been easier with the new state of the art technology So WiFi.

This enables you to build a personal database with a comprehensive profile of each person that joins your connection; this includes who they are, their contact information and even what sort of interests they have. It collects data for their specific preferences and needs, making it easy for you to monitor what sort of promotions are likely to be most effective.

Marketing using So WiFi gives you the opportunity to connect users with your social media – for example getting them to leave a like or review on your Facebook page before being able to connect to the Wi-Fi. The cost for each like on social media is averaged around £6.00 each, so you would be making money without having to charge any of your users to use this facility.

If you were looking for Wi-Fi for your hotel this would be a great opportunity to get some traffic on the booking website or social media page, as you can programme the system to get your customer to leave a rating and review. The best way for getting customers to visit again is promoting deals and ‘come back soon’ offers. So Wi-Fi has the convenience of being able to keep contact with your customers to make sure you are the first choice for a repeat visit. Even a personalised message for one of you customers would make them feel special and maybe bring them back to visit again.

So WiFi would be the best choice for a school or university as it is easily manageable for a large amount of people.  Keeping an eye on what students are browsing has never been easier – for example, you can see if any students are looking at any inappropriate content. You can also switch the Wi-Fi off for certain students during their lesson time, to make sure they are focused on their work rather than their social media. Getting messages out to your students can now be done easily as with So WiFi you can manage automatic promotions and messages. Using free internet access in certain areas of you campus, such as the student café, encourages students to stay longer bringing more through traffic and money.

Many people are familiar with the So WiFi logo and look out for it when browsing. Each router comes with table cards and window stickers so you can show your customers they have a free connection to the internet if they visit you. Promoting special deals for your customers and linking them to your social media, when they are connected, will bring lots of traffic to your websites and a much better ranking on Google, bringing lots more customers to your business.

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