Why would your restaurant need a telephone system?


At NT we help your business and customers stay connected with our smart telephone systems that are perfect for a variety of catering businesses.

You need an easy to use powerful telephone system to help manage a busy restaurant, pub or café environment. Our systems are specifically designed for busy environments, which is why they are perfect for a catering setting.

They allow you to provide flexibility for incoming calls to be routed to specific departments or voicemail boxes, improving response times and ensuring that there is less time waiting for valuable calls to be answered. Outbound calls are also important, ensuring that you can communicate with customers if needed, ring taxis for people and provide other support services – giving your diners the best experience possible.

Here at NT our team work closely with your business to meet the specific needs for your restaurant. Our team of engineers and account managers are here to make sure you have all the right telecom features and equipment to enhance the communications of your business.

We can show you the best and latest technology solutions that will work with your business to increase efficiency for your restaurant at a great price. So if you are thinking about getting a new system or upgrading your existing system give us a call or email today!

Here are some of the key benefits for having a telephone system in place:

Unified Communications

Unified Communications – UC – brings together the very best of modern technology, allowing you to use tools such as IM, presence, messaging and voicemail to email seamlessly. You’ll know when your colleagues are available to answer calls, regardless of where they are and whether they prefer to use a smartphone, PC app or tablet.

We provide a voicemail to email application so your colleagues are available to receive incoming calls at any time – even when they don’t answer the phone.  You can also have auto-attendant messages to go out to your staff and customers – which can be done off-site – sending out notifications or new promotions.

Perfect Customer Service

Offering your customers a first class experience isn’t always about what goes on front of house. Even behind the scenes, features such as a new telephone system will push your competition to the next level and help manage the busiest of environments. Add route calls for your busy periods and take bookings and orders over the phone – meaning you will never miss out and don’t lose potential customers. Incoming calls can also be recorded allowing diners to make orders over the phone – these are much easier to keep track of as you can play them back to the kitchen staff.

Better Time Management

Saving as much time as possible is crucial in a busy environment and a new phone system will defiantly cut down wasted time. It will help keep your staff managed and allow them to do their jobs efficiently, whist still providing remarkable customer service. Keeping your inbound calls flexible is easy as you can have specific departments or voicemail boxes for each person’s needs, making response time much quicker. Manage and understand your call patterns and analyse the call durations with a customised call report and analysis – know exactly what times are the busiest and who is calling.

Networking and scalability

Our systems are capable of accommodating additional sites which is always a bonus if your business is growing. It is cost-effective and keeps you connected from anywhere, even from your home. There is even an option to have a mobile extension – this allows you to access the phone system via your mobile phone, giving you all the flexibility you need as your business grows.

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