How a great phone system can benefit your school


Having an efficient communication system in a school is crucial for having an effective and impressive school community. It is important to keep your teachers, parents and students all connected and informed about anything happening in your school.

Keeping your communication system up to date is extremely important as it can help a busy school day run smoothly. They can help keep your costs low and save lots of time as messages get to the right people. Here’s how a great phone system can benefit your school:

Upgrades internal communications

A great telephone system will help keep everyone up-to-date and informed with the latest school news. It can keep the staff connected with each other as you get personal voicemail systems within each classroom, making the response time much faster. With a seamless telephone system you can receive information faster, which is always going to be a great benefit to have in a school.

Keeps parents notified

Getting messages out to the student’s parents and family is simple with a telecommunication system. You can send out messages and notifications through SMS, which means parents can be informed when their child is absent, or hear about any school events and incidents or emergencies that their child can be affected by.

Keeps your school safe

In case of a crisis, getting information out quickly to staff, students and parents is extremely important and could potentially save lives. Getting a quick response from staff will ensure the safety of everyone in the building. Not only will people be safe but with an emergency system in place you will also save your school from losing any data as it will all be backed up on an emergency cloud backup system in case of a disaster.

Provides a secure phone network

Hackers like to attack schools because they are an easy target for them due to periodic out of hours. Protecting your school and its data is very important – and you can protect your school from this sort of crime with a resourceful system. Make sure your school is always secure by keeping track of everything with monitoring applications.

Engages students

Teachers can use the enhanced technology to inform and inspire the students, getting them more engaged in their lessons. Even delivering the lessons from different locations is possible which can be extremely helpful for students travelling or on sick leave; you can achieve this via live video and audio.

Supports your old system

Rather than completely replacing your existing solution, we may be able to enhance your existing technology and upgrade your current communications system. This will not only save you money but it also gives your school the opportunity for future expansion.

Lowers administration

You may need to decrease your incoming call response times and keep it running smoothly. We can provide you with services like self-service, call routing and reporting which is going to keep administration costs down and save you lots of time.

How can we help?

At NT Voice and Data we can provide affordable, flexible and reliable telephone systems for your school. There are many benefits, saving you time and money, so why not give one of our friendly, reliable staff an email or call today?


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