PBX or hosted VoIP? We’ll help you decide

landlineLately PBX telephone systems are becoming less common across businesses around the world due to an increase and reliability of internet speed. VoIP makes it possible to have your business data and voice data on the same system which makes it much easier to manage.

There are so many advantages of using VoIP over the traditional PBX systems. Many businesses are making the switch and here are reasons you and your business may consider switching too.

Low cost comms

First of all, cost is one of the main factors which make VoIP so great. PBX systems cost a lot of money to set up and maintain. The cost just for the system itself is going to cost a great deal more than VoIP – whilst with a VoIP system, you get charged a manageable monthly cost to use the service. This includes tons of packages which wouldn’t typically be accessible with a standard PBX system.

Easy to scale up or down

Businesses are always growing and making sure they can set up new systems quickly without any hassle is going to be very important for an expanding business. Voip is the perfect choice for those who have a large number of staff coming in to work as you can instantly add and remove any lines when needed.

Lots of features

VoIP offers conference calls, mobile communications and instant messaging from anywhere with an internet connection. If you need to make a conference call from a remote location you can do this without any added costs as you are making the call through an internet line. To make sure no one misses those important messages, send them an email with your voicemail so they cannot miss it.

No matter where your staff answer the phone call they can redirect the call to whomever they may need to speak to. This means you will never miss any important client and new customer calls and your employees don’t always have to be in the office.

Logging, monitoring and training

Keeping track of your employees phone calls can be extremely useful in a busy business environment. You can record each phone call which will come in handy for training purposes or even any forgotten information which you may not have written down about a client. This is an crucial feature for any business so managers can keep track of clients and employees.

Integration with your CRM system

It’s easy to integrate your phone system with most popular CRM solutions, seamlessly. This allows you to significantly up your game when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service. Small businesses can deliver the best parts of the big business experience.

Boost efficiency and productivity

Perhaps the most impressive feature of VoIP systems is the increases they make to the productivity and efficiency of your team. When you factor in the low cost of ownership, business continuity features and all the extra apps and packages available, it’s hard to imagine why any business with a decent internet connection would rely on a legacy PBX.

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