Video conferencing vs face-to-face

In today’s hyper-connected world, face-to-face meetings are becoming less frequent, with more businesses than ever before using video conferencing for their meetings. It increases flexibility, it is much faster with instant calls and it prevents meeting delays. Face-to-face will always be relevant in some situations but there are many reasons to why people are starting to switch.

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Is your phone system a relic?

landlineIt is amazing how quickly communication systems are advancing. Technology is developing so fast and modern phone systems include a wealth of impressive features that we could have never of dreamed of just a few years ago. If your telephone system is older than two years you could be missing out on so many benefits and features that could help boost your business profits.

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Why would your restaurant need a telephone system?


At NT we help your business and customers stay connected with our smart telephone systems that are perfect for a variety of catering businesses.

You need an easy to use powerful telephone system to help manage a busy restaurant, pub or café environment. Our systems are specifically designed for busy environments, which is why they are perfect for a catering setting.

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Video conferencing in schools

ClassroomThe demand for higher curriculum standards is ever increasing by the day and the technology used within teaching is evolving rapidly. Educational institutions are developing the appeal for distance learning programs all across the world. Classrooms all over the UK are reinforcing learning with video conferencing for classrooms, enhancing the student’s experience.

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Why upgrade your school phone system?

School KidsNT can lower your costs, help to organise your staff and faculty, keep you connected with parents and students – and help to keep your site safe.

Schools, colleges and universities all over the UK are upgrading their digital systems – so why not their communication systems too? Maybe it is time to get an upgrade, and profit from the tonnes of benefits that a new communications system can bring to your school.

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