Ofcom launches multi provider mobile network coverage checker

Choosing a mobile provider…Ofcom Mobile Network Coverage

If you are struggling with poor mobile signal and are considering changing supplier you can take advantage of Ofcom’s new mobile signal checker.

Steve Unger, Ofcom’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “Access to reliable mobile phone coverage used to be a ‘nice to have’. Now it’s essential to many people’s lives.

“We believe our map is the most comprehensive tool available to consumers and businesses to check mobile coverage. We’re encouraging people to feed back after using the map, so we can continue to improve its accuracy.”

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What can you check?

The service provides checks for the below providers:





It shows the predicted availability of:

Voice calls

3G Data

4G Data



Mobile coverage check

For Ofcom helping to improve mobile coverage is a priority. The new map is designed to support people and businesses in choosing services that best suits their needs.

Around a fifth of homes now operate with no landline so a good mobile signal is becoming ever more necessary and with the trend for homeworking and non office based staff increasing, businesses must make sure the provider they choose enables their staff to work efficiently wherever they are.