What do hotel-specific phone systems have to offer?

At the heart of any business is good communication. Nowhere is this more important than in the hotel sector where recent years have seen a revolution in the use of phone systems to make communication far more flexible, engaging and accessible.

The introduction of hospitality telephone systems have proved to be a cost-effective way for hotels of all sizes to improve the functionality of their communications. These are state of the art Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems which can be used digitally over Wi-Fi and are much easier to add to rooms and other areas without having to worry about any underlying networks of cables.

There are a number of advantages in switching to one of the hotel-specific phone systems that are on the market today. Not only will it greatly improve communication but it can also help to build brand loyalty among your customers.

The Benefits of a VoIP system for your hotel

Compared to a traditional phone system, VoIP dedicated hotel phone systems enhance the experience of your guests in numerous ways:

  • You can leave a message: If your guest isn’t in their room and you want to get a message to them, your VoIP system has a mail box – once they see the flashing light on the phone they’ll know a message is waiting.
  • You can support conference calling: Many hotels cater for businesses and can allow conference calls using the VoIP system.
  • Tailored solutions: Hotel phone systems like this can be tailored to the needs of your guests. For instance, you can allow them to set up their own wakeup calls and include multi-language selections for guests from different countries.
  • Room to room calls: If you have a group of guests, you can enable direct calling between their rooms so they don’t have to go through reception.
  • Advertise promotions: You can use the call service to advertise promotions in the hotel which can be accessed at the touch of a button.
  • Child monitoring: For those guests who are accompanied by older children, you can use the system to monitor the room when mum and dad are in another part of the hotel.
  • Privacy options: Guests can set up their own privacy settings such as ‘do not disturb’ or call blocking.
  • Service options: You can separate you guests depending on the kind of service they require by dictating the options. The phone can be programmed to display a welcome message, personalised messages, you can set a limit on call costs or control call routing so that you always get the cheapest supplier.
  • Room changes: If guests are changing rooms, call options and messages can easily be transferred.
  • Mobile access: You can give your staff mobile access so they can be contacted while on the move or away from their station.
  • Call centre options: You can implement call centre protocols which means that guests aren’t left waiting for someone to answer the phone.
  • Vacant room controls: When a guest leaves the hotel, you can change the status of the room phone, making it accept incoming calls but barring outgoing ones to prevent misuse.
  • Integrate systems: With greater connectivity, you can hook up your phone system with your CRM and other hotel management systems to improve operations.

Supporting the hotel team

Not only does a VoIP provide your guests with better communication by delivering the personal service and value they are ultimately looking for, it also enables hotel staff to work more efficiently and productively.

  • The phone system allows managers and other staff to locate other employees quickly and easily, communicate with them and contribute to the delivery of a higher quality service.
  • Receptionists who need to contact the general manager, for example, can locate them even if they are on the move and forward calls or queries without having to wait.
  • Housekeepers can clean rooms and then update the status with reception.
  • Night porters can have calls rerouted to their mobiles so they have instant communication if there is a problem and they are on the move.
  • Events manager can provide their guests with better communication and updated information, including handling queries in a more efficient manner.

A dedicated VoIP hotel phone system is designed to improve efficiency as well as widening the range of services that can be delivered, both for guests and staff. The system is a less costly option than traditional phone systems and provides the opportunity for hotels to tailor their services and scale them as and when needed. At its heart is a better, responsive customer experience. It helps boost brand awareness and engagement by delivering an efficient and helpful service to guests, increasing the likelihood of positive reviews and repeat bookings.

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