Market your transport business with free Wi-Fi

wifiThe demand for free WiFi on public transport is increasing around the UK. Research shows that offering So WiFi to your customers makes transport, such as buses, trains and trams more appealing to the public. WiFi is a huge part of our future as more and more people than ever before own smartphones or tablets; because of this having WiFi on your transportation will attract new potential riders to your business.

The provision of free WiFi services on public transport is still in its early days but this powerful tool offers so many benefits for your travel business. Not only will offering WiFi to customers increase your ticket sales but it will also help to persuade people to not use their private vehicles – increasing air quality, public health and even save them time. Driving long distances can be a tedious task so letting people know they can kick back, relax and browse the web or catch up on some work whilst travelling provides a very attractive alternative.

Another great advantage is that when a customer signs on to use your WiFi, you can link them to your social media – getting them to leave a like on your Facebook page before continuing to sign on. You’ll be surprised at the number of likes you could receive from doing this – great for promoting your business and getting a larger online reach. Additionally, getting relevant customer insights as a result of the social media activity can be useful in finding out your target market preferences. You’ll also have the opportunity to create surveys which can help your business to find out what your customers like and dislike so you can improve.

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