Free Wi-Fi – revolutionising the retail experience

shoppersOne important factor for retail industries is having a close connection with your customer and reaching out to their needs. With free WiFi you can connect with your customers directly by sharing new promotions, compare prices, find deals and even read product reviews. Help your customers shop well with a Wi-Fi connection specific to your store – this could change the way people shop forever. Wi-Fi in stores is the new must-have to help add value to your customers’ overall experience.

The free Wi-Fi revolution

WiFi is the next big change for retailers in the UK, revolutionising the way you provide your customer service. Stores need to keep up with the changing environment around them to keep up with competition – and a great way to do this is to grasp any new technologies which will help your business grow.

With the power of So WiFi you can focus on creating a great environment for your customers, offering them fantastic service and the right information to give them a great experience while increasing their spend per visit. Customers will be impressed by the new technology and are likely to tell friends and family about it, bringing yet more customers into your store.

Powerful marketing tools

Making the most of your free WiFi, NT’s solution comes with marketing support which has all sorts of advantages such as: PR announcements, in-venue communications and lots of other interesting ways of communicating with your staff and customers.  It Is a great way to communicate with your customers but also create a strong relationship with them, and ensure that they fully appreciate your customer service.

Instant sign in

Each time a customer comes in, they are not going to want to re-sign in every time (especially if they are in a rush). You can make it easier for your customers and have them automatically connect to the WiFi or app when they return, without needing to do anything. As soon as they come in to the store they have promotions and deals appear on their device, making them more likely to purchase items.

Valuable insights

One great advantage to So WiFi is being able to find out what your customers think whilst in store. Having this benefit is the perfect way to find out about and improve anything your customers think needs changing in store. Keeping your customers happy is a main concern for retailers and If done right it can benefit your store immensely.

Impressive tech

Let’s look at a few other creative ways retailers are utilising technology to grow their customer base:

  • A fantastic new product retailers are testing are “smart” mirrors which allow customers to try different colours and styles of items on without having to find them in store then change into them. These are going to be the next best thing in retail stores, so having a WiFi connection is mandatory if your business may think of snatching up this product when it is ready for roll out  – a great way to increase customer spend.
  • Not only can customer try on different items but by attaching RFID tags to clothing customers can also see what other colours and sizes are available of that item and request them straight from the fitting room without having to move, or awkwardly stand at their fitting room waiting for a member of staff to walk by. This greatly improves customer service but also saves staff and customers lots of time, which is important, especially in busy periods.
  • Having WiFi in store means you can connect customers with a personal mobile app for your business. This has a tonne of advantages not only for you but for your customers too: provide promotions and offers, product information or even just simple directions to each department in your store – making it easier for your customers to navigate around.
  • Mobile point of sale solutions allow staff to take the customer’s information and deliver services to them wherever they are in the store, without the team member needing to go to their nearest computer. This provides a richer customer experience.
  • Retailers can use technology to bridge the gap between their store and their website, providing online visitors with the in-store experience without them needing to leave their homes.
  • Some retailers are using data collected through in-store tech to help them better understand footfall and to optimise their store layout. The data can also help improve their security.

While a lot of these trends aren’t entirely new to the retail sector, companies have been slow on the uptake because they are completely different to what most people are used to. Change isn’t a bad thing; in fact it is more likely to help you to stand out from and intrigue new customers to come into your store. 

Next steps…

At NT we appreciate that customer service is a main priority in many businesses. We know that upgrading to So WiFi will have tonnes of great advantages for a retail business but may be quite daunting to many retail companies. Installing this software comes naturally to us as we have helped so many businesses adopt this technology across the UK and keep up-to-date with the virtual connected world.

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