Is your phone system a relic?

landlineIt is amazing how quickly communication systems are advancing. Technology is developing so fast and modern phone systems include a wealth of impressive features that we could have never of dreamed of just a few years ago. If your telephone system is older than two years you could be missing out on so many benefits and features that could help boost your business profits.

For those stuck with a relic system, here are 9 surprising features that a new phone system could provide you with:

Call recording

Stand alone call recording systems can cost thousands of pounds but with many of our phone systems, call recording comes either free or as a small extra charge – available with just with a click of a button. Call recording is an essential tool for businesses, allowing them to listen back to their team’s calls and roll out  training as needed. It also protects the company by providing a record of what was said in any call.

Built in marketing recording

With older systems, playing marketing messages whilst on hold would have involved a long process of purchasing and installing scripts. Now info on hold is built into newer system so you can simply record – and change – the script yourself. For many newer systems all you have to do is contact us so we can activate it for you.

Love it or hate it, info on hold is proven to work as a sales tool. Find out more about info on hold here.

Multi-site system

If your business has more than office or locations you can now connect each place by one single system, rather than having lots of systems on each site. This can save thousands of pounds of equipment costs for businesses that are in more than one location.

Find out more about multisite systems here.

Be in the office, wherever you are

You can access your telephone system from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or PC using an application. Your clients may think you are just in the office but could be on a trip on the other side of the world. You can answer and take calls just like you are in the office using your own device.

Make calls on your PC or laptop

In sales and a telesales environment, you will usually need to make a high number of calls each day. Sometimes, it is much easier and more efficient to use a soft phone on your laptop or PC. It can be integrated into your business with your phone system as a standard feature.

CRM integration

Delivering good customer service is critical to the success of most businesses. By incorporating your phone system with you CRM you can instantly pull up records for your customers. You can see exactly who is calling and where they are calling from, allowing you to deliver more personalised service.

Plug and play scalability

Getting a handset up and working doesn’t require an engineer each time – with modern systems you can just plug it and it is ready to use! This is perfect for when you have new employees coming in, and the feature works great for a growing business.

Cheaper line rental & calls

SIP trunk technology is definitely cheaper than analog or ISDN lines and many new telephone systems can work with it. Any calls made in the UK have a reduction in the line rental costs up to 30%-60% with no catch! Find out more about SIP trunking here.

Remote access

Modern phone systems allow remote access and programming, so you don’t have to employ someone in house to manage your system. In the past if you wanted to make a change to your phone system, you’d need to arrange for someone to come out and have a look for you – typically a time consuming and costly process.

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