Digital transformation: it could change your business forever


Across all industries and sectors, digital transformation is becoming increasingly important. It allows businesses to operate more efficiently, provide quicker solutions for their customers, greatly improves systems and processes across all departments work and allows businesses of all sizes to keep up with the fast pace of technological change.

There is no one size fits all strategy for communications, of course, and each business needs to invest both time and money in getting it right. Success depends first on understanding what benefits your business will get – whether it’s producing products that get to market quicker or boosting your profitability so that you outshine competitors.

How your telecommunications work in relation to your customers and employees is now a major part of this process.

Why telecommunications are important

If your business is going through a digital transformation you may well perceive various higher priorities. For example, there might be a serious push to upgrade your systems and give your employees better tools or software. Telecommunications is key to all this, particularly for businesses that are customer focused. It certainly needs to be top of the list when it comes to developing a successful digital transformation plan.

What’s your digital transformation plan?

Whether telecommunications is a priority or not, it needs to be part of your overall plan and there should be a clear cut strategy for implementing it. There’s no mileage in grabbing technology out of the air and then trying to fit a plan around it.

One recent case in point can be found in the experience of US company, American Golf. When they started looking at their digital transformation, they discovered their services and systems were provided by numerous different suppliers. That caused their customer service to be somewhat disjointed. Their plan was to give their customers a great, responsive service but it was difficult with conflicting systems, particularly at times of peak contact.

American Golf decided to switch to cloud-based telecommunications because of this business goal and put in an advanced system of call management. The change meant that customers immediately began to get the basic information they were looking for without over-stressing the system and causing backlogs. More involved queries could be successfully routed to a live operative who would be able to give a personal response faster.

Accepting the need to change

Many businesses put big changes such as digital transformations through its stakeholders, including those at senior management. Some will inevitably see the need for change, others will not. There will inevitably be issues surrounding return on investment, whether the benefits gained from switching to something like cloud-based telecommunications is going to be worth the effort.

The road to changing minds involves getting the right technical expertise in place to show the pros and cons of such a transformation. That includes creating an understanding of the real improvements which can be made, including preparing a business for future changes. In essence, it’s about helping stakeholders see beyond the current system and the benefits that come from upgrading.

Failure to engage with digital transformation is a dangerous strategy. If your business fails to consider it and implement the changes needed, you could well find yourself losing out to those competitors who have decided to embrace the future. That doesn’t mean you must rush to get your processes changed and switch to options such as cloud-based telecommunications. It does mean that you really need to start planning for the change. That means developing a deep understanding of your corporate objectives and exploring how these can be supported through digital transformation, including the new range of technology such as SIP or cloud-based telecommunications.

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