Would your business survive a cyber attack?

FraudAround the UK businesses are increasingly being targeted by cyber-attacks – in fact, the amount of businesses affected has increased by more than 50 per cent in less than half a year. But what can your business do?

The number of cyber-attacks taking place has increased to around 52 per cent in the first quarter of the year. There were around 65,000 attacks in businesses around the UK in less than 3 months and the number is still increasing. These are some of the highest numbers researchers have seen this year.

Most attackers are targeting devices such as building control systems, security cameras, and databases. There is a concerning increase in the attacks on corporate fire walls from the beginning of the year, with figures increasing from around 14 per day to an average of around 105 attempts every day. Attackers are trying to take control of company database applications with potentially disastrous results for a business.

MD of Beaming Sonia Blizzard notes:

Major organisations have been brought to their knees to by global cyber attacks and our research shows the likes of Wannacry are just the tip of the iceberg. UK businesses were targeted more than 700 times each on a daily basis by hackers over the last three months, who focused on hijacking connected devices and databases.

One way hackers find their way into business systems is through automated computer scripts. They search the web for vulnerabilities and flaws to try and gain access. To keep your business safe from cyber-attackers make sure you and your employees understand all potential the risks and the precautions they need to take. Put in place frequent checks and ensure staff know how to spot anything out of the ordinary. Also, make sure your control systems have up-to-date defenses so any attackers have less chance of getting in.

Another key area where security is often ignored is business communications. The right security features can minimise the likelihood that your system will suffer from an attack. Speak to us about your communications security – call 01623 687750 or email sales@nottel.co.uk